Sergio Ramos in FIFA 19

Who are the best defenders in FIFA 19?

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Keep clean sheets with these defenders in your Ultimate Team.

When the FIFA 19 ratings are announced, everyone gets excited by the array of attacking talent in the top 100. Will it be Messi or Ronaldo at number one? Should Harry Kane be higher than Lewandowski? 
While everyone is focusing on what the most skillful players can do, it's important to understand how to shut them out. After all, most of the best FIFA players in the world had Cristiano Ronaldo and R9 Ronaldo up front in FIFA 18.
Undoubtedly, you'll need some defensive skills to intercept attacks and time those tackles, but having some great defenders in your back-line will help, too. Here are the 10 best defenders in FIFA 19.

FIFA 19 – Best defenders.

Giorgio Chiellini
Giorgio Chiellini
  1. Giorgio Chiellini (91 DEF)
  2. Sergio Ramos (91 DEF)
  3. Mats Hummels (91 DEF)
  4. Andrea Barzagli (89 DEF)
  5. Diego Godín (89 DEF)
  6. Jan Vertonghen (88 DEF)
  7. Samuel Umtiti (88 DEF)
  8. Thiago Silva (88 DEF)
  9. Miranda (88 DEF)
  10. Toby Aiderweirald (88 DEF)

Who should be in your team?

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos
This list is ranked purely on defensive stats, so although Andrea Barzagli isn't in the FIFA 19 top 100, he's higher that some of the players who are. That doesn't mean you'd necessarily want Barzagli in your back four though – pace is so important in FIFA games, especially when you're up against the likes on Ronaldo and Neymar, so you need players who can move quickly.
With pace in the 70s, Sergio Ramos, Thiago Silva and Samuel Umtiti aren't exactly rapid, but they're faster than a lot of the other players in this top 10. Of those three, Ramos, with his superior defensive skills, should be in your dream team, but we'd pair him with a player who isn't listed here. Raphaël Varane misses out on the top 10 with 86 DEF, but his 84 pace makes him a good pick. Silva and Umtiti are good squad players. Assuming you have the funds to pay for all these! 
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