You'll need players like Sancho to master strafe dribbling in FIFA 20
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How to perform every new skill move in FIFA 20

YouTuber Kazooie94 shows the best time to use new skills like the Setup Touch and Flair Roulette.
Written by Jack Stewart
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One of the most enjoyable parts of the FIFA games is the wide variety of skill moves you can use to skip past defenders and more importantly, show off. With FIFA 20's brand VOLTA mode, which is reminiscent of the old FIFA Street Games, there are more opportunities to showcase your flair than ever before.
FIFA 20 has a tonne of new skill moves to learn which all can be extremely useful if you know how to use them. Fortunately, EA Game Changer Alex "Kazooie94" Brands is here to help with tutorials for each one uploaded to his YouTube channel.

1. Strafe Dribbling

How to perform it: Hold down L1/LB and move the left stick in any direction
One of the biggest additions to FIFA 20, Strafe Dribbling could completely change the way you play the game. This new feature is perfect for one-on-one situations as you drag the ball around while keeping it close to your player. It's particularly effective for holding on to the ball in tight areas or baiting defenders to charge towards you.

2. Lateral Heel to Heel

How to perform it: Hold L1/LB and move the right stick left then right or vice versa (three-star skillers and above)
This move is similar to the classic Ronaldo chop but perhaps even more effective. The Lateral Heel to Heel is fantastic for quickly changing direction or finding enough space to get off a shot.

3. Flair Roulette

How to perform it: Hold L1/LB and rotate the right stick forward 180 degrees (four-star skillers and above)
For years, the Roulette has been one of the most used skill moves in FIFA but now there is a fancy four-star version for some added style. There isn't really a bad time to use this move but the Flair Roulette is ideal when trying to beat an opponent or again when setting up a shot.

4. Setup Touch

How to perform it: Hold R1/RB and hold the right stick in any direction
Like Strafe Dribbling, this can be performed by any player in the game. The Setup Touch pushes the ball out to give a player a run-up to improve the power of your shot, especially if you use Timed Finishing too. However, the animation is quite slow, leaving little time to actually find a shot. Instead, it may be more useful to fake out an opponent and skip past them when dribbling.

5. Feint and Exit

How to perform it: Hold L1/LB and rotate the right stick 180 degrees from left to right or vice versa (three-star skillers and above)
The Feint and Exit is very similar to the Body Feint and is a very effective move. Your player hovers their foot over the ball before accelerating forward in one swift motion which is perfect for brushing past defenders -- especially if you're looking to cut into the box.

6. Drag Back Sombrero Flick

How to perform it: Hold R1/RB, flick the right stick back then press R3 (five-star skillers only)
Now for a very flashy move: this skill won't be successful every time but all those attempts will be worth it for the one occasion you pull it off. The Drag Back Sombrero Flick gives you another way to flick the ball over your opponent's head, before hopefully unleashing a thunderous volley. This move works particularly well after dragging the ball back with Strafe Dribbling so try to practise that combination.

7. Drag to Drag

How to perform it: Hold L2/LT then hit a fake shot with Square+X/X+A or O+X/B+A (four-star skillers and above)
The Drag to Drag allows you to cut the ball back with a fake shot but gives you the option to then continue where you were originally headed. This skill works particularly if you want to cut inside with a winger as defenders will likely believe you're looking for a cross. And on top of that, the Drag to Drag looks amazing when used before a string of other moves.

8. Heel Chop Turn

How to perform it: Hold L2/LT and hit a fake shot with Square+X/X+A or O+X/B+A while holding the left stick to the left or right to perform a Heel Chop, then push the left stick in the opposite direction (four-star skillers and above)
The Heel Chop can now be performed by three-star skillers, but it's worth saving for players with four-star skills thanks to this new move which adds an extra turn. The second change of direction will completely fool opponents and introduces an interesting mind game when playing online or against friends.
Check out Kazooie94's YouTube channel for more FIFA 19 content. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.