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10 FIFA 20 tips to help make you a better player

Your friends won't stand a chance in your Kick Off or FUT games if you master the advice from this guide.
Written by Jack Stewart
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EA Sports has officially released FIFA 20 with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC players finally able to get their hands on the game.
FIFA 20 has a lot of new content and features to sink your teeth into and it may take some time to adjust from its predecessor. Whether you're looking to win the Champion's League in Career Mode, improve your win record in Ultimate Team or even beat a friend in the new VOLTA mode, these 10 tips can help you become a better player.

1. Make the most of Strafe Dribbling

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Strafe Dribbling gives you more control over the ball

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One of the headline new additions for FIFA 20 is an added emphasis on one-on-one situations. Attacking players now have more options to get round defenders thanks to the new Strafe Dribbling mechanic.
By holding down L1/LB, you can move around while keeping the ball under close control and if you hold down R1/RB at the same time then you will lock into the direction your player is facing. Strafe Dribbling is especially effective when pulling the ball backwards, luring out defenders and opening up space for your forwards.

2. Practise Timed Finishing

Timed Finishing is back for FIFA 20 but has been rebalanced and consequently, is even harder to pull off. Nail the timing though and you will be rewarded with much more consistent shots and surely score more goals. It's worth spending time in practise modes or kick off games to get used to this, especially as know you can time your shots when taking a free kick.

3. Counter attack

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Counter-attack: FIFA 20 tips with Ryan Pessoa

Ryan Pessoa shares his best tips for Counter-attacking in FIFA 20

Pace is back in FIFA 20 and better than ever with defenders rightful no longer to catch up to attackers much faster than themselves. Just like in the sport, pace is a very effective tool in FIFA 20 which has made counter attacks especially lethal. Passing isn't quite as reliable as it has been in previous FIFAs so opting for a more direct approach to attacking could be hugely beneficial this year.

4. Jockey more in defence

Another change to get used to is the fact that players can no longer rely on the AI alone to safely defend. You have to take control and outsmart your opponent to win the ball back which is easier said than done. As this FIFA 20 defending guide suggests, you should stop relying on holding down X/A and instead look to mostly jockey with L2/LT. You can now hold down R2/RT at the same time to fast jockey, allowing your defender to cover a lot of ground and increase their chances of intercepting a pass. Otherwise, be patient and jockey until the time is right, then release both that and the sprint button to challenge for the ball.

5. Learn how to utilise the new free kicks

Set pieces have been completely overhauled with the new free kick system being especially exciting, albeit tricky. You now aim your shot with the left-stick and use the right-stick to add spin. Depending on how you rotate the stick, you can add dip, curve or even knuckleball the shot. You will want to become familiar with these techniques and get used to each method of spin, especially as the faster you input the spin the more curve you will get.

6. Try the new types of passing

In FIFA 20, you will have more passing options at your disposal than ever before. You can now double tap the pass (X/A) or through ball (Triangle/Y) so that the ball 'dinks' over the defender's interception --- which is particularly useful for sticky situations. You can press lofted through ball (L1/LB) + (Triangle/Y) twice to perform a driven version of the looping pass.

7. Call your goalkeeper out for corners

Don't be afraid to call your goalkeeper out for crosses

Don't be afraid to call your goalkeeper out for crosses

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One of the more subtle changes to FIFA 20 is you can know purposely ask your goalkeeper to come out and claim a cross. By tapping then holding down Triangle/Y, your goalkeeper will rush off his line and jump to either catch or punch the incoming cross. This can be particularly useful for corners if you opponents play with a lot of width but of course, just like in real life, this can be a risky technique.

8. Practise the new skills

And of course with any new iteration of FIFA, there are new skills moves which let players show off their flair. While there are quite a few new moves to learn, the one that stands out the most is the Lateral Heel to Heel. This three-star skill move allows you to change direction quickly with a move similar to the Ronaldo Chop. To perform it, hold L1/LB and flick the right stick to one side then the other.
There’s also a stylish, four-star variant of the Roulette called the Flair Roulette which is performed by holding L1/LB while performing the usual Roulette input of rotating the right-stick 180 degrees forward. Pick one of the new skill moves before a match and try to perform it in different situations to not only add the input to your muscle memory but also figure out the most efficient time to use it.

9. Get used to power tackling

You can get stuck in by charging up your tackles

You can get stuck in by charging up your tackles

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As mentioned earlier, defending is tough in FIFA 20. One neat trick to keep in mind is you can now control the power of your tackle by holding down either the stand tackle (O/B) or slide tackle (Square/X) button. Fully charging your tackle will cause your defender to lunge forward which is perfect for a surprise challenge or ensuring that the attacker can't recover the rebound. However, take care in doing so as if you're not careful, you could be caught out of position or giveaway a foul in a dangerous area.

10. Brush up on your penalties

As well as free kicks, penalties are different this year by adapting the same aiming system. Though, you of course can't put any spin on your shot from 12 yards. Aiming with the left-stick will decide the elevation of the shot while the power will determine the trajectory; low power will result in a finessed, accurate shot while high power will offer a strong, driven finish. And like free kicks, you can also utilise Timed Finishing form the spot -- if you're brave enough that is.