Best young strikers FIFA 21: Top 10 wonderkids to sign

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You can't win games of FIFA 21 without some fresh young upstart at the front of your team, racking up the goals
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Being a striker is possibly what most young football players dream of when they start up their careers. It's front and center, it's glamorous – and being a good striker will make you a rockstar in the footballl world.
If you're a wunderkind that manages to attract the attention of the entire world at the ripe age of, say, just 21... well, that's your career made off the bat. Sure, some of the best players in the world may set you back a couple of million – but there are some younger, fresher faces that are more affordable, too.
Here's a rundown of who you should be trying to sign to your team.

Best young strikers - £1 million and under

Joe Gelhardt – £825,000
Gelhardt is a remarkable player for only 18 years old
Leeds United’s Gelhardt is only 18 years old, and while his 61 rating doesn’t seem very impressive right now, his 81 potential makes him a seriously exciting prospect for players in career mode for the long haul, especially since he’s available for under £1 million. His stats aren’t anything special yet, but he does come with the Technical Dribbler trait.
Liam Delap – £925,000
Delap is Man City's superstar, but he could be yours too
Son of long throw expert Rory, Liam Delap has already impressed for Man City on his few League Cup outings and could be a star in the making. FIFA 21 has his potential at 82, so they clearly agree. Like Gelhardt, he starts out at 61 and doesn’t have any stats which are all that interesting, but for this price, you’re investing in a superstar.

Best young strikers – £1-5m

Vlayslav Supryaga – £3.5 million
Supryaga is, indeed, a super player
This Dynamo Kiev hotshot could soon be one of the world’s very best, if his FIFA 21 potential of 84 is to be believed. He’s already lightning fast, with 86 acceleration and 87 sprint speed at his current 70 rating – and while his stats around passing and tackling suggest he’s a rough diamond right now, with a bit of nurturing he could grow into a very special player and a key element of your team.
Josh Maja – £4.8 million
Maja offers great versatility and good value for money
The former Sunderland player has found success in Bordeaux, and for under £5 million you could have a young forward who excels in pace, dribbling, and finishing. He’s tailor-made for FIFA 21’s gameplay, and with his 72 rating having the potential to rise to 81, he’ll only get better with time. He plays equally well as a winger or CAM too, so you’re getting a lot of options with Maja (and some good bang for your buck).

Best young strikers – £5-10m

Ezequiel Ponce – £6 million
Ponce is a dedicated all-rounder
Ponce is an all-rounder up top. If you take out the more defensive traits (like interceptions and sliding tackles), he’s rated between 65-76 in 20 different stats. The Spartak Moscow player doesn’t have a key strength like a lot of the players here, but he’s incredibly reliable whatever sort of team you’re building. He starts the game at a decent enough 74 rating, which is enough at the bench at least for most teams in the game. His 80 potential suits him; it’s not spectacular but it gets the job done.
Rafael Leao – £8.5 million
Leao is a real trouble-maker for defenders
Sporting Lisbon’s Leao is a modern forward, one with the dribbling, ball control, and speed to drift out wide and beat defenders, alongside good strength and finishing when he’s through the middle. A real trouble-maker for defenders, he’s currently 74 rated and can climb up to as high as 83. With Flair and Technical Dribbling, Leao is sure to be a fan favourite if you splash the cash for him.

Best young strikers - £10-20m

Myron Boadu – £12 million
Boadu is and a boon to any team that can afford him
A speed merchant with great finishing, Boadu is perfect for breaking through backlines and devastating opponents. His agility, acceleration, and sprint speed all clear 85, as could the AZ Alkmaar man himself when all’s said and done: his current 75 rating has the potential to rise to 87. He has a high attacking work rate and is comfortable on the wings too. He’s a good buy, basically, and a boon to any team.
Patson Daka – £15.5 million
Daka is a player of pure speed
His name might be Daka, but don’t expect much tiki-taka here. Daka has a blistering 94 acceleration and 93 sprint speed, and thanks to a stamina rating of 80, he can run all game. With great finishing, shot power, and strength, Daka’s the kind of player you just wind up and watch go. Already an impressive name on the team sheet at a 76 rating, Daka can climb to 85 with some work. RedBull Salzburg has a real gem on their hands here, and for under £20 million, he could be yours.


Erling Haaland – £82.5 million
Haaland went from 73 in FIFA 20 to 84 in FIFA 21, but still doesn't feature
Haaland went from 73 in FIFA 20 to 84 in FIFA 21, but still doesn't feature
Having started FIFA 20 being valued below £10 million, Haaland’s meteoric rise which saw him announce himself on the world stage with several impressive Champions League performances has now put him at eight times that. Earning a transfer to Dortmund for his trouble, the young striker has gone from strength to strength, and if you’re playing at a top club, he’s well worth going all out for.
Kylian Mbappe – £167 million
FIFA 21's version of Mbappe is pretty much unstoppable
Haaland is definitely a superstar, but we need another word for whatever Kylian Mbappe is. The World Cup winner is one of the best players in the game full stop – and at just 21, still has the world at his feet. At a £167 million value, you either need to break the bank, start FIFA 21 with a financial takeover, or just play as PSG to get your hands on him, but he’s definitely worth it.