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FUT 21: How to prep your club for Team of the Year

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How to make FIFA 21 coins from the biggest promo of the cycle
Written by Tom BramwellPublished on
Team of the Year is almost upon us, and if you're looking for a guide to what to expect, make sure you check out our complete guide to Team of the Year in FIFA 21. TOTY isn't just about opening packs and completing SBCs though -- if you prepare carefully, you can end up making a bunch of coins from the promotion. Who knows, maybe you'll even be able to afford a Team of the Year player at the end of it! Here's what we'll be doing.

Sell your team now and buy back just before TOTY

A good FUT player will keep their eyes on the markets at all times
The main thing we will be doing ahead of Team of the Year is... selling our team. We've had a good run with the likes of Marcus Rashford, N'Golo Kante, Rafael Varane and Ferland Mendy, but they are going to plummet in price as we move into the TOTY period.
If you look at equivalent rare gold meta cards in FIFA 20, they lost as much as 40-50% of their coin value between the start of December and the start of Team of the Year in early January. While some of this drop was down to the unexpected arrival of TOTY Nominee cards, the equivalent period in FIFA 19 also saw a decline of 15-30% for similar cards. TOTY Nominees may not return this year, but either way it's a drop.
Whatever the percentages for FIFA 21, the bottom line is that you will lose a ton of coins if you have expensive meta golds in your club in early to mid December and hold onto them through the TOTY period. Selling them now means we can buy them back for a lower price in early January as the pre-TOTY selloff intensifies, giving us extra coins to play with. By now we have a ton of fun untradeable cards in the club, as most players presumably do, so this is an opportunity to play with those while we wait for market forces to settle.

Invest in discard-price rare gold cards from major leagues

Investing in Gold Rare packs can be a lucrative choice
It's rare that an investment strategy in FIFA carries zero risk, but this one genuinely does.
There are a bunch of cheap rare gold cards in FIFA that have a lowest bid price of 600 coins and also have a discard price of 600 coins. In other words, if you bid 600 coins on them and win, you can discard them straight away and get the same number of coins back. Most of the time this is meaningless trivia, but during a period when the need for rare gold cards -- any rare gold cards -- goes up even slightly, it means you are in line for free money.
Team of the Year is one such time. The League Upgrade SBCs that go live during the week of the promotion require rare gold players to complete. While most players have a ton of these going spare in their club, the siren call of TOTY players in packs means a lot of people rinse their clubs and then go broke buying up rare golds to complete more SBCs.
Our advice is to strike now. During a rewards period (Thursday 9am GMT for Weekend League, Monday morning just after midnight for Squad Battles), bid 600 coins on a ton of rare gold cards. If you're happy to "go unassigned", in FIFA parlance, then you can bid on way more than the 100 limit of your transfer list. (You won't be able to open any packs while unassigned, but the payoff will be worth it.)
Once the League Upgrade SBCs go live, watch the base price of rare golds. You can now search for rare gold cards specifically thanks to FIFA 21's new refined search filters, so you should be able to see the floor price gradually rise.
If you have 100x rare golds bought for 600 coins apiece, you spent 60,000 coins. If their price rises to 900 coins apiece, you will sell them for 90,000 coins total, making 30k. If your rare golds happen to be major leagues (Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga), then they may go even higher. It is nothing less than free coins.
There's a bit of legwork involved in this one, but if you have the coins, then we thoroughly recommend it. The absolute worst case scenario is that prices do not go up. They will, but let's imagine they don't. You just discard all the cards and get your investment back, because your original bid price was the same as the discard price. Zero risk! Go go go!

Buy cheap in-form defenders from major leagues

Get yourself some good defensive talent
Another component of TOTY is exciting Player SBCs, which will almost certainly require expensive squads of SBC fodder cards (84s, 85s, 86s, 87s) and a few in-forms.
While this tactic is not a guaranteed winner, we recommend looking out for cheap in-form defenders from major leagues. Defenders are quite a pinched category in SBC fodder, so there's value to be had. The 82-rated Ruben Aguilar right-back from Ligue 1 is a good example - currently selling for just above his discard price. If one of the player SBCs during TOTY demands an in-form player and focuses on Ligue 1, then this player will rise in value by as much as a few thousand. If you've bought up a bunch of his cards, the profit quickly multiplies and you can walk away a lot richer.
You are taking a risk here in that the SBC requirements are unpredictable, but demand for in-forms at some point is very reliable, even if it isn't immediate, so the cards will certainly make you money if you wait long enough, even if it isn't during TOTY.

Snipe and bid during Lightning Rounds

You can get some good cards if you're quick off the mark
Team of the Year is one of the times when EA puts desirable high-cost packs on sale in limited quantities. This phenomenon is known as Lightning Rounds, and may see, for instance, a couple of hundred thousand Ultimate Packs being sold at 2,500 FIFA Points a pop. They inevitably sell out very quickly.
Spending your money on these packs is a dubious pursuit -- it's a heck of a rush, but the chances of getting a Team of the Year player are not great. However, lots of people still do it, and this has a big impact on the market for a short period of time. With so many packs being opened, the market is flooded with players, driving prices down temporarily. A wily trader can use this to make some coins.
There are two solid approaches here, both of which require a little homework. Essentially, you need to identify players that will be packed a lot and that people usually want. That might mean meta players like Rashford or Kante, but more likely it means rare SBC fodder. Defenders are a good shout this year, with players like Acerbi and Romagnoli from Serie A (both rated 83) packed frequently and then needed for SBCs as well, thus becoming scarce again and going up in price.
Before the Lightning Rounds start, work out which players you will target. Use websites like FUThead and FUTbin to identify their current price. Work out how much they need to drop to cover the 5% EA charges in transfer tax. Then once the Lightning Round begins, start searching for them and see how much their price is dropping. For the next few minutes, it will be driven down, allowing you to snipe them at lower prices. Sniping involves searching for a player at slightly lower than their market price and quickly snapping them up. It requires practice and dexterity, but it's worth mastering.
The alternative is to wait until an hour after the Lightning Round. Given that Lightning Rounds take place on the hour, what you often see is that FUT players have listed up all the cards they didn't want without specifying a sensible lowest-bid price, and these player auctions then start to expire in the midst of the next Lightning Round when people's attention is elsewhere. As a result, there are often a huge number of these cards expiring with low minimum bid prices, allowing you to dive in and bid on a few of them and get them at outrageously low cost.
Then all you do is wait a few hours or until the next day and sell them on when the market recovers from the Lightning Round dips.

Complete every Squad-Building Challenge!

Do as many SBCs as you can for some decent rewards
This one isn't exactly a galaxy-brain play, but it's worth remembering anyway. Team of the Year is accompanied by floods of SBCs, including regular puzzle challenges. These often hand out packs. Whenever those pack rewards are tradeable, make sure you do the SBC. The requirements are usually pointless fodder you have in your club anyway, and by bagging a pack you can roll the dice once more. You probably won't get a Team of the Year player, but anything half-decent will be worth selling.
Whatever you do during Team of the Year, we wish you the best pack luck imaginable and a fair wind at your back in the choppy market seas!