FOLD is the new East London destination for 24-hour electronic music

Written by Josie Roberts
The 600-capacity audio-visual venue and studio space promises a bespoke sound system, progressive programming – and non-stop partying. Here, FOLD's co-founder discusses his vision with Red Bull Music.
Sat in an unassuming old paint factory, FOLD is set to shake up the face of London’s nightlife.
The new collectively-run club and creative space is situated on an East End industrial estate – far from residential streets, and the pressures of regulation and gentrification felt sharply in areas like Shoreditch. Freed also from the restrictions of last entries and early closes, clubbers will be able to wander in and out whenever they please, remaining connected to the city by the Jubilee Line which runs through the night – and past the last dancer standing.
‘Inclusivity, togetherness and dancing’ is at FOLD’s core, demonstrated not only by its code on respect (including a no-photo policy) but also its progressive music programme. Their launch party on August 18th boasts a line-up including the likes of Dimensions Soundsystem, Make Me, REVIVEHER, Homodrop, KAOS, UNITI and Body Motion to test out the new sound system – which is "(un)limited at 110DB"– to full effect. 
An aerial view of London's new industrial nightclub, FOLD
An aerial view of London's new industrial nightclub, FOLD
As well as supporting artists through the five music studios that branch off the main room, FOLD is also the latest addition to The Shapes Collective's growing roster of venues. The club will be pioneering a membership scheme which provides access to various community events and Shapes' other sites, such as the intimate Hackney venue The Glove That Fits and studio space Many Hands.
In anticipation of their opening party, co-founder Lasha Jorjoliani – also known by his musical moniker Voicedrone – let us in on what to expect from one of London's most exciting new nightlife additions. 
Can you give a bit of background about yourself, and what drew you to London’s club scene?
I'm a DJ/Producer from Georgia (Mestia) and the reason why I'm here is London’s rave culture, and everything included within it.
How did you get involved with [Shapes Collective founder] Seb Glover the rest of the FOLD team?
We met a few years ago in Hackney Wick where I had my first studio and felt the connection straight-away with Seb. It kinda felt like we would do something bigger than our friendship back then. A few years later we found this old printing building and the first second when we stepped inside, we had a vision of how it should be and I want to say it looks exactly as it was in our heads, despite no time to plan it.
FOLD was born, within just a few months we got everything together for the launch on August 18th.
Can you talk about how you’ve transformed the warehouse space – what can people expect as they arrive from the industrial estate and first get to the club?
We started transforming the building straight away with an amazing team from all over Europe. We encouraged our team to experiment in a way they could never do in their daytime jobs and the result totally exceeded all our expectations. From the groundwork to sound and lights, everything works absolutely in harmony the whole building is one big organism that breathes.
FOLD, London
FOLD, London
What was your vision for the upcoming music programme? Are there certain freedoms which come with being a 24-hour music venue?
Programming wise we want to do something different from what already goes on in London. We want to minimise the number of selectors per night and increase performing hours. We want to encourage artists to express themselves in a way they can't do on normal DJ gigs around the globe, for them to be free to breach the frames this industry often sets.
It is a very unique opportunity to have 24-hour music venue. That's why we offer an uncompromising schedule to surprise, challenge and inspire!
The art comes first before any profit-making.
In what ways do you hope FOLD will evoke a ‘rave renaissance’ in London’s regenerating – and often challenging – clubbing landscape?
I would say London and the UK in general has always been the centre point of rave culture. We still build boxes and shift them around old warehouses and disused spaces, farmland and forests, all of which can be raided by police anytime. 
At FOLD, we dance until the music stops!
FOLD will be hosting their first party on August 18th. For tickets and the full line up, click here.
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