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These Fortnite stats reveal the worst places to land

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Ford James has recorded statistics from over 1,000 games of Fortnite – these are the areas to avoid if you want the best chance of a Victory Royale.

The Fortnite map currently has a serious flow problem. There’s a few high-profile locations where the majority of the lobby will drop, leaving most of the other places on the island vacant. If you’re grinding for those fabled Victory Royales, avoid landing at these places because there’s either too many players, not enough loot, or a combination of the two.
Since Fortnite Battle Royale’s debut, the in-game stat tracking has been lacklustre. As an avid player with a drive to continually improve, I took it into my own hands to track my own in-game stats. From where I land in solos to how many kills myself and my duos partner average per game, I’ve tracked over 1000 games to determine the best and worst landing spots throughout the map. I've already revealed the best places to land, but now here are the areas you should avoid. Hover over the map to see the locations.

1. Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers
Tilted Towers
  • Top 3: 12.2%
  • Wins: 12.2%
After landing at Tilted Towers 41 times, five games have resulted in top three placements and I went on to win them all.
Having the consistency to win every game where I made it to the top three makes it sound like Tilted Towers is a solid place to drop, but the fact of the matter is I was killed before I made it to the top three 36 times, and most of the time I died in the initial chaos. 
It’s infamous for being the most popular spot to land on the map, and even if you manage to out-slay everyone that lands in the city, its central location means players will be continuously rolling in from all four directions. It’s a fantastic spot to land if you want to see how many kills you can get in a game, but if you’re grinding for those Victory Royales then avoid Tilted Towers at all costs.

2. Salty Springs

Salty Springs
Salty Springs
  • Top 3: 19.4% /
  • Wins: 12.9%
After 31 drops at Salty Springs, only six have finished in the top three, four of which were victory royales.
Salty Springs often feels like a mini Tilted Towers. Far too many people tend to land there for the small amount of loot you can find, and quite a number of early deaths happen here due to only having a pistol or a revolver for early-game fights, when someone else has dropped onto a shotgun. 
If you’re blessed with a vacant Salty Springs then there can be enough gear for up to two people, but with the removal of the three factories to the north, your options are limited afterwards. Dusty Divot is usually fairly populated, as is Fatal Fields, but outside of those two locations there’s not much to loot nearby.

3. Shifty Shafts

Shifty Shafts
Shifty Shafts
  • Top 3: 28.1%
  • Wins: 15.6%
33 drops at Shifty Shafts have given just nine top three placements and five wins.
Shifty Shafts is a maze of corridors and paths, and while it’s simple to learn the layout, it’s an enormous pain to work out where somebody else is. The sound design in Fortnite is poor, so if there’s someone else with you and you can hear their footsteps, it’s nigh on impossible to distinguish whether they’re above or below you. The narrow corridors mean that if you don’t land directly on a weapon, you’re easy pickings for other players as you dart through the mines.
Shifty is a dreadful place to have to fight, and it’s a similar situation to both Salty Springs and Football Field – your options are very limited after looting Shifty Shafts, with just Tilted Towers or Greasy Grove available.

4. Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park
Pleasant Park
  • Top 3: 26.5%  
  • Wins: 20.6%
After dropping 34 times into Pleasant Park, nine games finished in the top three with seven wins.
Pleasant Park, Retail Row and Greasy Grove are the original three popular landing spots, but Pleasant Park is by far the worst in terms of loot and survivability. It’s much more open than the other two, meaning ducking into cover behind buildings isn’t as plausible, and some of the houses have shockingly small amounts of loot.
Numerous people still land there every game – a circle in the north-west corner means you can shoot off to Abandoned Avenue, Haunted Hills or Junk Junction, but if you need to head south, your options are limited to pushing through Tilted Towers, or risking the openness of Loot Lake.

5. Sports Centre

Sports Centre
Sports Centre
  • Top 3: 27.3% 
  • Wins: 21.2% 
Sports Centre is the location in between Tilted Towers and Snobby Shores, with a football stadium, basketball court and a swimming pool. 33 lands resulted in nine top three finishes and seven wins.
This is an odd one, because there’s no obvious reason for it to be such a poor location to land. It likely boils down to the location and there not being a lot of loot, with a maximum of five chests, plus one just outside the area on the back of a car. Not many people land there, but you’ll be hard pressed to find enough equipment to tide you over till late game, meaning from there you need to continue looting somewhere else. 
The problem with this is the four areas around you – Tilted Towers, Pleasant Park, Snobby Shores, or Greasy Grove. All four of these places can be immensely popular and by the time you roll around, they will have most likely all been ransacked.
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