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Join G2 Esports’ CS:GO squad as they hit the Red Bull APC

G2 Esports’ CS:GO team just boot camped at the Red Bull Athlete Performance Center in Salzburg – see what happened in this video.
Written by Pieter van HulstPublished on
Back pains, arthritis and other muscle pains are conditions that professional athletes have to deal with on a regular basis. That’s why it’s extremely important for them to stay healthy and fit – and this is just as true for esports athletes. This starts with a good diet, regular workouts and a good mindset.
The Red Bull Athlete Performance Center in Salzburg helps athletes reach the top of their game. The G2 Esports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team were the latest to walk through the doors for a crash course.
Here, they spent time with several different performance coaches to give their minds and bodies a boost before their next big tournament. In this multi-day boot camp, players went through a rigorous training scheme, which included massages, visits to a sports psychologist and fitness from a personal trainer.
Curious about what happened during their trip and what the players thought about it? Watch the video above and scroll down to read all about their experience.
Counter-Strike professionals need to have a variety of different attributes to compete at the highest level. Extreme reflexes, hand-eye coordination and the ability to stay calm under extreme pressure are just a few of the skills that a CS:GO athlete needs to stay on top of their game.
G2’s Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub says: “In Counter-Strike, every situation is different, every action is different and on top of that, the game requires a lot of team play.” However, to sustain the level that the pros operate on, they need to practice a lot. Which means sitting long hours behind desks to run a play on a specific map or drilling spray patterns with their favourite gun. To prevent players from injuries, they must stretch and work out regularly.
maLeK of G2 Esports CS:GO squad pictured at the Red Bull APC doing a reaction speed test.
maLeK working on his reaction speed

Exercise and stretches

The biggest challenge for the team was their new workout routine. Says Audric 'JaCkz' Jug: “For me it was difficult to work out every day, I’m not really a sports person and the boot camp had a lot of sports involved in it”.
For Nemanja 'nexa' Isaković it was tough too: “I’ve got muscle pain all over my body and because of that I hardly got any sleep. A boot camp like this is very exhausting.” However, stepping out of their comfort zone and accepting the challenge as a team was a very important step for the G2 Esports roster – nexa tells us that he often has back pains during long CS:GO matches.
“The best experience was my visit to the physiotherapist," nexa said. He cracked my back and it felt great. I also learned that I can stretch my back in an even better way than I was already doing”.


Another important aspect of having a healthy body and mind is eating well, which during a tournament or practice session can have a massive impact on the results. Nexa says that the nutritionist told him exactly what he needed to eat to get the proper energy. “It has been the most important thing that I’ve learned during my stay at the Red Bull APC," nexa said.

Psychologist visit

KennyS says that the best part of the boot camp for him was his visit to the sports psychologist. “Talking with him helped me improve the way that I was seeing things professionally and it gave me a lot of confidence in our next steps as a team”. KennyS says for him, it’s important that you can trust yourself and your team-mates during a match. For nexa meanwhile, being resistant to stress is a key part of an esports athlete’s job description. He says that the mental performance coach was able to help him mentally prepare for matches and deal with the stress that comes with performing at the highest level.
kennyS pushing a metal cart at the Red Bull APC in Salzburg, Austria.
kennyS pushing himself to the limit

Medical check-up

The entire G2 squad, including coach Damien 'maLeK' Marcel, went through a complete medical check-up. In the Red Bull APC Laboratory they checked their lungs and their body composition. “We want to make sure that the guys are healthy,” laboratory technician Shirin Ahmadi explains. Finding out if the athletes have any pre-existing conditions can help create a better workout or nutritional diet for them. To check their bodies, players rode on bikes, blew into machines and had their blood drawn to check for any abnormalities.
For maLeK, the most important part of the boot camp was the confirmation of how important it is to have good conditioning in the team, both in and out of the game. “It’s priceless to see that once players see the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and they actively want to do better, you can perform at a much higher level as a team.”