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How to get special players in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Get all the Icons, Team of the Week and Player of the Month superstars you could ever want
Written by Colm Ahern
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Getting frustrated with your team of bronze-level players? Can’t seem to nab that rare defensive midfielder who could shore up your defence? It’s hard to make your mark in FIFA Ultimate Team when you’re not getting the players you want.
If you’re looking for those shiny Icons and those marvellous Player of the Month and Team of the Week items, you’ve come to the right place. If you follow our simple guide, you’ll have the opportunity to compete with the best FUT players out there thanks to all the talent on your squad.

1. Spend money on packs

Packs are a great way to up your FUT game
Packs are a great way to up your FUT game
The easiest way to get the best players FUT 20 has to offer is by purchasing packs. The caveat here is that you don’t know for certain what you’ll unpack, so you could end up spending your weekly wages on players you don’t need or crave. If you go down this route, just be aware of that.

2. Complete season and milestone objectives

Ticking things off your checklist is a great way to grab those special items that you want. The long-standing objectives system has been tinkered with this year, though: as well as the standard daily and weekly goals, FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is split up into limited time events called seasons that typically run for over a month. The more involved challenges within offer up sweeter rewards like Prime Gold Players Packs. It’s simple, really: earn XP to unlock the higher-tier items by completing objectives.
For those who are in it for the long haul, there are Milestone objectives. These aren’t tied to seasons and don’t have any set end date; they do, however, have some banging rewards, so make sure you keep an eye on these, too.

3. Play FUT Champions

This digital Sunday League can offer up big rewards
This digital Sunday League can offer up big rewards
After ranking up in Division Rivals, and picking up your rewards in that, get in on FUT Champions. The Weekend League is tough, but the prizes are absolutely smashing. Make sure you practise beforehand: 30 games over the course of three days isn’t easy and you want the best goodies possible, don’t you?
As well as coins and points, you’ll be able to get Team of the Week and Team of the Season picks to bolster your squad if you prove good enough.

4. Complete Squad Building Challenges

Rather than offload every bronze player that you have no interest in, why not use them in a Squad Building Challenge in order to get rare items such as League SBC players you can’t get elsewhere in FUT? There are plenty of Flashback and Player Moments items up for grabs here, too.
SBCs are a terrific way to get something out of the players that you have no desire in using in your squad. Often, you can pick up a pack of gold players in exchange for a few silvers, so be sure to get involved. There are also live SBCs that focus on real world fixtures. If you’re on the ball, you can acquire players involved in these upcoming match-ups to use in SBCs before their prices inflate in-game.

5. Swap player tokens for Icons

Getting these legends on the pitch can single-handedly change your game
Getting these legends on the pitch can single-handedly change your game
Icon swaps is FUT 20’s rejigged Icon SBCs. Essentially, to get yourself one of the greats of the game, all you have to do is complete player token objectives and then cash those tokens in on one of the many untradeable Icon items. Simple.
Some will take more time and effort to obtain than others, which is standard. Plus, it allows you to decide whether you want two or three icons rated in the late 80s or if you want to save up and get yourself a proper superstar.

6. Grab a bargain on the transfer market

Through general play, you’ll earn coins and these can be cashed in on the transfer market for players. While there are definitely swathes of the unwanted clogging it up, you’ll also come across a number of Team of The Week and Player of The Month items, too.
We suggest picking your spots: you’ll get yourself a good deal on some top quality, rare items if you survey what’s happening on the market. Don’t just jump in without thinking about it.

7. Keep an eye on FUT Events

EA offers up constant chances to get an advantage for active players
EA offers up constant chances to get an advantage for active players
At specific points of the year, FIFA will run promotions and offer up some solid savings. If you keep track of the calendar you should be able to snatch a FUTmas or Ultimate Scream card when the time is right. Black Friday is also a period when EA is feeling a bit generous.