Free Hearthstone cards with Red Bull 5G 4-packs

Get your codes in special Red Bull 5G 4-packs and exchange them for classic card packs.
Written by Tom East
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You can get free classic Hearthstone cards with codes found in special Red Bull 5G 4-packs. 
Hearthstone is one of the games that will be playable at Red Bull 5G, our eSports tournament that sees the best gamers from the north of the UK battling against top talent from the south.
Find out what you need to do to claim your free Hearthstone packs below.
Hearthstone artwork
Hearthstone is our mobile game at Red Bull 5G
Red Bull 5G is open to entrants and anyone can take part in the online qualifiers, but if you want your free card packs, you'll need to buy one of the Red Bull 5G 4-packs that are available in selected retailers across the UK. There are three Hearthstone card deck codes per 4-pack code, and to claim yours you need to follow these instructions.
  • Enter your Red Bull 4-pack code to redeem your bespoke Red Bull 5G can and in game add-on. You'll have to enter your details, and select Hearthstone as your game. You'll then get three card pack keys to download.
  • Create a Battlenet Account or log in if you already have one.
  • Enter your Free Card Pack Key into the field provided.
  • If you have not already done so, install Hearthstone (available for free at and play through the intro missions.
  • From the box cover screen, press the Open Packs button.
  • Drag your card pack to the center tray to reveal your new cards!
NOTE: A maximum of fifteen free card packs can be redeemed on a single Account.
You can also use your codes to
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