How to play Mid Lane like Vitality's Jiizuke

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Written by Yinsu Collins
Hard stuck in Gold? Worry not, here's how you can dominate in the Mid Lane like LEC pro Jiizuke.
Mid Lane is one of the most popular positions in League of Legends but it's by no means the easiest to master. Having a good mid laner on your team can often be the difference between winning and losing and sometimes that comes down to picking the right champions to dominate.
Team Vitality's Daniele 'Jiizuke' di Mauro has established himself as one of the top mid laners in the LEC this year - helping his team reach two successive playoffs in Europe.
Now, Jiizuke has picked two champions he loves to show off on the Rift and here are some top tips on how you can dominate in the mid lane like Jiizuke.


Ryze is usually weak in a 1v1 situation but dominates in 2v1
Ryze is usually weak in a 1v1 situation but dominates in 2v1
I like Ryze because I’ve had some really good games in scrims with him. I really wanted to play him on stage in the LEC Playoffs but we didn’t get a chance to. Against Schalke, they actually banned him, it’s sad but there’s always next split.

What you need to know to master Ryze

The main goal for Ryze is always try to push and roam or push and dive the enemy with your Jungler. You want to be able to set this up and put pressure and get kills this way.
Your E/W combos are really strong and if you have the right Jungler you always have a good kill pressure but he’s definitely more of a 2v1 champion. He’s kind of weak 1v1 because he doesn’t have a shield so if you can, get your Jungler to help you out as much as they can.
When you get to Level 6, because your ult is basically a teleport, you don’t have an ‘all in’ per se but you can grab your Jungler and ult to top and bot and get your kills that way.
Runes: Go Sorcery first tree, take Phase Rush into Manaflow, Transcendence and Scorch. Take Domination in the second tree.


League of Legends new champion Sylas
League of Legends new champion Sylas
Now, Sylas is just a super fun champion.

What you need to know to master Sylas

Make sure to take corruption potion as your starter item so even if the enemy Jungler ganks you early you can pretty much 1v2. If you can play aggro you will win every single trade with Sylas. There aren’t many champions that can counter him.
Usually with Sylas, you either dive, win and roam especially if you face a champion like Twisted Fate where you can steal his ult in the fight and then use it to roam top or bot. If you find that there are good ults in other lanes, you just push mid hard, go to another lane, grab the ults, come back to mid and kill them.
Runes: Definitely Aftershock then into Inspiration for the Flask and Biscuit.