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9 essential productivity tips

Productivity guru Judy Goldberg can help you see off your workload.
Written by JJ Dunning
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Judy Goldberg is a speaker and productivity guru

Judy Goldberg is a speaker and productivity guru

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Need more time? Then listen up – we’ve got nine essential tips for you.
We asked Judy Goldberg, a London-based speaker who specialises in helping people to work more efficiently, to recommend some essential work hacks.
What you do with the hours you claw back is up to you. No need to say thanks, we’re just here to help.
Some facts about Judy:
  • Judy keeps a “next action” list, rather than a To-Do list
  • She listens to classical music while working to “awaken” her brain
  • She’s a certified practitioner in Getting Things Done (GTD®), a total work-life management system. David Allen, inventor of the GTD methodology, is widely recognized as the world’s leading expert on personal and organisational productivity.
Here’s what you need to do to dash off your tasks…

1. Clear your mind

In Getting Things Done (GTD®) we call it a Mind Sweep; make sure that everything that has your attention and is taking up space in your head is written down on paper.

2. Prioritise by context

Review your “next action” list and identify your next step based on the time you have, where you are and the energy you have.

3. Carry out a Weekly Review

One of GTD’s most powerful routines is what we call the Weekly Review. This is about setting time aside each week to gain a high level view of all that is going on in your world, and to ready yourself for what is ahead so that you can enter your week with clarity.
Remember to close all your loops!

Remember to close all your loops!

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4. Close the open loops

When your mind is going in too many directions this will cause stress and decrease creativity. Bring closure to what you can to open up space for new ideas to come in.


FOCUS is, as [American entrepreneur and podcaster] John Lee Dumas says, Follow One Course Until Success.
You should turn off distractions – pop-ups, beeps, blinkers; TVs, phones, websites.
Make sure you know your end goal when you start something so you have an aim when you start a task.

6. Delegate ‘easy’ tasks

When something becomes ‘easy’ for you to do it may be time to delegate, even if you love doing the task. If you can pass your knowledge/skill on to someone else, and there is time available for you to do so, then delegate.
Attack your inbox. (Flying kick optional.)

Attack your inbox. (Flying kick optional.)

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7. Attack your inbox

The first thing with email is to get rid of the noise. File what needs to be filed, trash what can be trashed, forward and file what needs to be delegated. Respond to all invitations and delete or file what has been dealt with and no longer relevant. As a starting point, this will leave you with what is real and needs to be addressed.
Everyone is busy. Get over it.

8. Technology alone cannot boost your productivity

Productivity is not about the tool, it is about how you use the tool. There are hundreds out there – I love Evernote and am beginning to get to know Trello – but tools will change; having a solid system in place is the key to success.

9. Change your mindset

Everyone is busy. Get over it. Change your language, change your mindset, change the way you work and strive to move from busy to productive and present in all you do.