Lancia Delta S4 Group B car for sale

Buy your very own Group B Lancia Delta S4

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Finally, the 550bhp rally car you always promised yourself – check out this amazing classified ad.

The Lancia Delta S4 holds a special place in World Rally Championship folklore.

The brutal Italian machine was rumoured to pack around 550bhp in its heyday, and was released onto the World Rally stages at the height of the Group B era, when cars’s engines were allowed to put out unrestricted amounts of boost.

Lancia Delta S4 Group B car for sale
The car looks amazing in its Martini colours

But when Henri Toivonen crashed his Lancia Delta S4 at the 1986 Tour de Corse, killing both himself and co-driver Sergio Cresto, Group B came to a grinding halt, with the cars either re-engineered as rallycross machines or mothballed in private collections.

And it’s one of those mothballed Delta S4s that you can now get your hands on – albeit for a price that we suspect will make your eyes water. Double WRC champ Miki Biasion's spare car for the 1986 Rally Argentina has just come up for sale from an Italian seller, and it’s made us seriously question the need for that second kidney.

Lancia Delta S4 Group B car for sale
The interior looks to be unchanged since 1986

The delicious-looking machine, wearing the iconic Martini livery, appears to be totally unchanged from its ’86 spec, even featuring the original Motorola CB radio and funky Halda Rally Computer.

Lancia Delta S4 Group B car for sale
The Delta put out around 550bhp

The spoilsport seller wouldn't reveal the actual price of the car, but considering that a similar Lancia Delta S4 driven by Markku Alén was listed for €430,000 (around £320,000) last May, we don’t expect it to go for anything south of that. Time to raid your Post Office books, kids.

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