Learn how to do a tuck no hander from Matt Jones

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Who wouldn't want to learn from a pro MTB athlete? Master the tuck no hander with tips from Matt Jones.
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A tuck no hander is one of the easier tricks to learn on a bike, and it's a great gateway to learn more difficult tricks and skills. And they look friggin cool.
To make things easier for you, top freestyler and FMB competitor Matt Jones has offered his best advice on how to master the tuck no hander. He even went to the trouble of inventing a long helmet cam holder so you can see it from every angle!
Watch Matt explain the trick in the video above, or scroll down for a step-by-step guide on learning how to do a tuck no hander.
Olly Wilkins with a tuck no-hander
Olly Wilkins with a tuck no-hander

1. Wear appropriate clothing

First of all, remove any thing with loose pockets like a hoody. The last thing you want is for the handlebars to get caught up in your clothes and cause a bloody mess.

2. Practice the tuck

When you're standing still, practice tucking the handlebars into your lap. As you pull the handlebars towards you, you should also lean into them so your shoulders are slightly over the bars. Position one knee tight to the tyre and the other at the fork, so it's clamped tight and your bars can't move around below you. This is important, so that your hands instinctively know where to go.

3. Pick a jump you feel comfortable on

This is just common sense, right? Try a step-up that you're used to riding. You don't want to be thinking about the size of jump when learning a new trick.

4. Get the speed right

Matt recommends you enter the jump a fraction faster than you usually would, as your aim is to get higher in the air. 

5. Practise tucking on the jump

To start off, just practise getting the tuck nice and tight, before you go flying your hands in the air. As your front wheel comes off the lip of the jump, that's when you want to start pulling the bars towards you. Just like you practised.

6. Start lifting your hands off the handlebars

Now you've got that tight tuck down, start taking your hands off the bars. You can start by taking them off just a few inches until you're comfortable with the sensation of not holding on to anything, and before you know it, you'll be steezing it out with a proper tuck no hander!
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