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How to become a master builder in Lego Worlds

You can create anything you like in Lego Worlds, but, as TT Games' Chris Rose explains, you have to go on a long journey to become a master builder first.
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When Lego Worlds was first announced in 2015, some labelled it Minecraft with Lego. You’d think that would be slightly galling for Lego - after all, people have been building with plastic knobbly bricks for over 50 years before players started making Game of Throne’s King’s Landing with digital blocks in Minecraft.
Still, TT Games' associate producer Chris Rose admits that it has come full circle, so after years of making amusing Lego games based on some of your favourite films, why has it taken TT Games so long to create a game that enables players to do exactly what Lego was made for in the first place: building awesome stuff?
“We needed technology to catch up,” Rose explained. “We had an idea of what we wanted to do, but we needed memory speeds and processor speeds to, well, speed up a bit so we could add terrain generation, and we were really keen to have unique different shapes of bricks – so rather than just having cubes that build up into a giant cube, we have all the bricks that you can imagine.”
In truth, Lego Worlds is so much more than a Minecraft clone. For starters, there’s the goal – your aim is to become a master builder in order to unlock the bigger worlds and build larger constructions. To do this, you’ll need to collect 100 golden bricks by completing tasks and opening chests.
Quests include finding a sword for a king, protecting a farmer from a zombie invasion, and building a home for a caveman. According to Rose, it could take 100 hours to become a master builder, and 60 hours to get all the golden bricks. “It’s not a quick game to finish,” he told us.
A screenshot of Lego Worlds

Tasks include building houses

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Lego Legends

The good news is that your quest to become a master builder is packed with humour, plus plenty of vehicles and mini-figures that Lego fans will recognise. You’ve got Cole’s Earth Digger from Lego Ninjago, which enables players to drill underground, there are Nexo Knights, and even back catalogue mini-figs from Knight’s Castle get a look in.
Then there are dancing ostriches who boogie to a guitar-playing mini-figure and minotaurs who breakdance to bagpipe music. “We wanted to dial the humour up to 11,” explains Rose, although we’re not sure that anyone can explain the giant octopus in the clouds that one master builder has created.
Once you are a master builder, you can create some amazing stuff. Chris Rose told us about some of the favourite things he’s seen so far: 
“There’s a lot of Lord of the Rings fans out there so we’ve seen Minas Tirith, Mordor and the Mines of Moria. We’ve had someone making Cologne Cathedral. It's really good – unbelievable! Some people have made really historic buildings - the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the pyramids of Giza, even to the point where you can see the blemishes, chunks are missing. Then we’ve seen wacky stuff like a giant octopus in the clouds - it’s awesome.”

How to master Lego Worlds

A screenshot of Lego Worlds

Use a plane to get around the world quickly

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As well as telling us what makes Lego Worlds stand out from Minecraft, Craig gave us five top tips that will help you on your quest to become a master builder:

1. Be careful with the flattening tool

One of the things that I love is the flattening tool – it’s a pretty powerful tool, which just wipes everything out pretty much. You can undo if you make a mistake by clicking your sticks on the controller or by pressing Z on the keyboard.

2. What to do if you get stuck

If you get stuck, there’s an option in the pause menu to skydive. So if you get trapped underground too deep and want to get back out ,you can skydive out and reset yourself.

3. Which vehicles you should use to get around the big worlds?

Planes help. We’ve got jetpacks later on in the game, too, which you can unlock. There’s a grapple gun, which is pretty fast – when you get really good with it, you can zip across the world pretty quickly with that as well.
A screenshot of Lego Worlds

Use the Ninjago driller to bore underground

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4. How to build quickly

There is the copy tool that we’ve got. If you’ve got a whole house, you can copy that and re-export it - you can have it locally saved or just copy and paste. You don’t even have to do it with a whole house – you can do it with walls. If you want to make a quick house, build a wall, copy it four times and put a door in – that’s four walls instantly; you can do that really quickly.

5. How to use the paint tool

The paint tool can be shrunk down to a single brick, so you can either paint a whole wall or just paint the individual bricks as well, but be very wary of painting lava. because if you walk up to that wall and it’s covered in lava you’re going to sizzle and bounce off of it, so don't put anything breakable next to it.
Lego Worlds is out on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 10.
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