How to play League Of Legends' Mordekaiser rework like a pro

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Smash your opponents in 1v1 battles and team fights with this tips guide to the newly reworked champion Mordekaiser.
Written by James BusbyPublished on
League of Legends’ Mordekaiser rework has been doing the rounds on the PBE, where his deadly new kit is wreaking havoc on the Rift. Mordekaiser is a truly terrifying champion who uses his colossal hits to both burst and lockdown his foes, giving players the tools they need to force 1v1 engages and melt priority targets in team fights.
While Riot’s latest rework has finally brought Mordekaiser out of the confines of champ select screen and into the spotlight, you’ll still need a good understanding of his mechanics and how best to use them in order to obliterate your foes. If you’re looking to play the new Mordekaiser rework and wish to outplay your opponents, then make sure you check out the tips below to ensure you get the most out of his unique abilities.

How to make the most of Mordekaiser’s abilities

Darkness Rise (Passive)
After three basic attacks or abilities against enemy champions and epic monsters, Mordekaiser gains Darkness Rise for five seconds. Darkness Rise deals damage to nearby enemies and gives movement speed until Mordekaiser is out of combat. Further basic attacks and abilities against enemy champions and epic monsters refresh the duration.
This passive may seem incredibly simple, but it greatly bolsters Mordekaiser’s overall damage output in fights. Try to hit enemy champs with the Darkness Rise proc to when laning to ensure you’re dealing as much damage as possible. After all, the additional damage can often swing early-game trades in your favour, so make sure to use this to your advantage.
Obliterate (Q)
Mordekaiser smashes the area in the target direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit. The damage is increased if Obliterate hits only one enemy, making it the perfect spell to delete squishy targets when roaming and going for those 1v1 trades. Try to combine Obliterate with the pull from Mordekaiser’s Death Grasp in order to land some lethal uncontested hits. Weave in a few basic attacks to proc Darkness Rise’s passive and your enemies will quickly find themselves cowering under their turret.
Indestructible (W)
Mordekaiser's shield is great for tower dive plays
Mordekaiser's shield is great for tower dive plays
Mordekaiser stores 30% of the damage he deals and 15% of the damage he takes as a potential shield (up to 30% of his maximum health). The first cast will generate a shield with the above value which can be used to sponge incoming damage, while the second cast will allow Mordekaiser to consume the remaining shield as health. This shield is great for tower dive plays and can often save you from an untimely demise should you use its secondary cast to heal yourself.
Death’s Grasp (E)
Mordekaiser gains magic penetration, and after a small delay, the evil overlord unleashes a ghostly grasp that pulls in enemies unfortunate enough to get caught within its clutches. The hitbox is pretty big and fairly easy to land, especially when multiple targets are clustered together. Try to bait out enemy dashes and flashes by walking up to them before dropping Death’s Grasp to seal their fate. Once you’ve reeled them in, it’s time to unleash Obliterate to crush your foe with a deathly blow from Mordekaiser’s mace. Be ready to pull targets under your turret during laning phase or send them into your team during late-game skirmishes.
Realm of Death (R)
Mordekaiser banishes himself and his target into the Death Realm for a seven second 1v1 fight, during which they cannot leave. To make matters even worse, Mordekaiser also steals 10% of the target's current size, armour, magic resist, health, attack damage, ability power and attack speed.
If Mordekaiser is successful in killing his target, he consumes their soul, keeping their partial stats until they respawn. This ultimate is absolutely devastating in the late-game and allows Mordekaiser to delete the enemy team’s main damage threat or jungler during team fights and objective-based plays. While his enemy may be severely weakened, they can still use all their abilities, so you’ll still need to be careful when forcing a fight.

Mordekaiser strategy tips

Moderkaiser's Lord skin
Moderkaiser's Lord skin
To get the most out of Mordekaiser’s powerful kit, you’ll need to master his abilities if you wish to claim a death-defying victory over your rivals. Mordekaiser favours close quarter brawls where he can use his colossal mace to deliver punishing blows, forcing his foes into unwanted fights where they must either retreat or try to stand their ground. The juggernaut’s kit is tailored towards shutting down high priority targets, while his ability to pull multiple enemies with Death’s Grasp gives him decent amounts of utility. Combine this with the damage from Obliterate and tankiness from Indestructible’s shield and you have a champion that is incredibly difficult to shut down.
During the early-game, focus on harassing your lane opponent with the third proc from Darkness Rise and follow this up with a meaty hit from Obliterate. You’ll naturally gain procs from attacking and clearing out enemy minion waves, so be ready to weave in a basic attack after every third hit/spell cast, as this will greatly bolster your overall DPS. Once you have access to Death’s Grasp try to coordinate your pulls whenever your jungler is roaming down for a gank. This will often result in an early kill or at least result in your opponent burning their Flash, making subsequent ganks and Death’s Grasp pulls even more lethal. Just remember to always ready Obliterate when pulling in your opponent to ensure you’re dishing out as much damage as possible.
Mordekaiser may seem like an unstoppable juggernaut when ahead, but prolonged fights can take its toll on the evil overlord. When you find yourself getting low in team fights get ready to absorb incoming damage with Indestructible’s shield and heal the damage taken with its secondary cast. You can use Indestructible secondary heal to bait enemy champions into unwinnable fights by making it look like you’re about to lose, then quickly drop Indestructible to recover the damage and punish them with your Obliterate/Death’s Grasp combo. If you still find yourself struggling in a fight or simply wish to assassinate the enemy’s carry threat, then Realm of Death can give you the ace you need to turn a fight in your team’s favour.
Realm of Death allows Mordekaiser to steal 10% of the target's current size, armour, magic resist, health, attack damage, ability power and attack speed. If Mordekaiser kills his target, he consumes their soul, keeping their partial stats until they respawn. This ultimate can be absolutely devastating and can instantly stop the enemy team from taking game-changing buffs like Baron and dragon, structural objectives, and even delete squishy carries before they can harm your carries. If played well, Mordekaiser can stop enemy ADCs from snowballing, allowing your team to gain control of the map with little resistance. The Iron Revenant is a true terror to contend with and we’ll soon see how devastating he can be when the pros unleash his full potential in the coming months.