Marvel's Avengers Boss Battle Guide: How to defeat all bosses in the game

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There's a relatively obscure rogue's gallery in Marvel's Avengers – but that doesn't mean the selected villains are going to be taken lightly. Here's what you need to know about overcoming each enemy
Written by Stacey HenleyPublished on
Across Marvel’s Avengers’ surprisingly competent campaign, you’ll encounter a few bosses for each of the heroes to deal with. Unfortunately, not too many of the chosen villains are iconic characters, although there are some decent baddies for you to go toe-to-toe with throughout the story.
Some will come head-to-head with you on predetermined missions where you’ll have to play as selected heroes, while others will arrive as part of more multichoice skirmishes; in those cases, we’ll also recommend who to fight as, alongside how to beat them.

Black Widow Vs Taskmaster

Taskmaster is more a tutorial than a real boss
You may have already played this battle during the Beta. In any case, it’s basically a tutorial on how the boss battles work, but if you’re having some trouble, this walkthrough has you covered.
Black Widow will need to dodge as Taskmaster rushes at her, shooting him in the back as you avoid his rushdown. Do this until his first chunk of health has gone. Following this, you’ll need to keep dodging, but switch your tactics to hand-to-hand combat. He finds it harder to block if you vary between light and heavy attacks, rather than favouring one or the other particularly.
After this stage, the battle becomes a little trickier. Taskmaster becomes harder to hit, but if you dodge when he throws his shield then shoot him when he waits for it to return, you can make short work of him here. For the final stage, the game will encourage you to use Black Widow’s invisibility powers, and from there he doesn’t have a chance.

Hulk Vs Abomination

Don't let the Abomination get on top of you
Another battle that was included in the Beta, the first real mission sees Hulk take on Abomination. For the first stage of the battle, you’ll want to go toe-to-toe with Abomination, ducking away from his blue attacks and dodging back from his red ones. You should use an ability here if you have them, but save Hulk's ultimate for later.
The second stage of the battle is pretty similar, except there are now electric columns around the arena too –these need to be avoided. After this stage, you’ll need to use a finisher, but this won’t actually finish Abomination.
Instead, it’ll send the pair of you down to another level, where you’re best off attacking with ranged attacks, occasionally rolling in close and landing heavy blows, but only if you get the opportunity to dodge forward. Otherwise, ranged strikes can finish off your rival here.

Black Widow Vs Monica

Monica isn't a very threatening name, but she's quite a tenacious boss
With Monica, your best option is to shoot her from a distance, always being aware of the need to dodge away from red attacks. On higher difficulties, this is a battle of attrition, particularly once the robot waves come in.
Every time you knock a chunk of health off, Monica will retreat and let the robots do the dirty work. Use Veil Of Shadows with these robots if you need to, but you should definitely save the other two abilities for Monica herself.
The main thing, as well as keeping your distance, avoiding Monica's charge in the second and third stages. While you can’t make her run into anything which will damage her, you can use this opportunity to get some heavy attacks if you lure her into a corner and dodge late. She’s not a complicated boss, but she is a strong one: make sure you keep an eye on your health and don’t waste your abilities clearing out the robots.

Kamala Vs Tarleton

Tarleton isn't too hard to deal with if you know when to dodge
Tarleton is the most powerful non-boss you’ll face, but he just has a regular health bar and therefore isn’t really a proper boss. He’ll start off very close to Kamala but if you have a High Five saved, use it to push him back.
Otherwise, dodge back yourself to get some distance. He’ll shoot a lot in long bursts, and when he does this the only option is to avoid. Dodging side to side is better than back and forth. Hitting him from range is a decent idea, but the real damage comes when he charges: dodge out of the way and pepper his back with heavy attacks until he either gets up and starts again, or goes down for good.

Anyone Vs Warbot

Warbot can be a messy fight if you go in too close
Pick: Hulk
This battle flits between ranged and hand-to-hand but ranged only gets the Warbot in position; it’s the hand-to-hand stuff that actually does the damage. That's why you want Hulk and his high melee DPS as your character.
The first thing to do is to shoot out the Warbot’s legs. Hulk’s throwing attack does the job here. After that, rush in and attack the faceplate, which is the only way to actually damage the ‘bot.
Following this, it’s rinse and repeat: do ranged attacks to the vents on the side instead of the legs. This shouldn’t be too difficult, but if you’re playing in a squad, letting the ranged fighters handle this part is a good call. Go back to faceplate after this for a little bit of Hulk smash, then – in the final stage – several weak spots open up, with the top shutters joining the side vents and the legs. All of these must be taken out before the final attack on the faceplate can actually destroy the Warbot.

Anyone Vs Warship

Knowing which parts of the warship to target is essential
Pick: Iron Man or Black Widow
After defeating the Warbot, the next boss is the Warship. This battle starts out with you needing to shoot out the various vents and engines along the side of the ship (use Tactical Vision to spot them all), which is why a ranged fighter like Iron Man or Black Widow is preferable.
In the second half of the battle, you’ll need to get on top of the ship to take out the engines and various other hardware on top; this lasts for two rounds, and you’re better off staying up here for both rounds and letting your teammates deal with the ground fighting. You can still pick some ground-level robots off with ranged attacks, too.
Iron Man is better for the later rounds, as he’s able to fly and therefore better at finding all the raised engines – some are on platforms under the wings – but Black Widow is better for the early rounds thanks to her ranged attacks that don’t need to be charged.

Avengers Vs MODOK

MODOK's various stages can take you by surprise if you're not prepared
The final battle is fought by all Avengers in turn, so we’ve broken down what each hero must do.
Iron Man: If you have Iron Man’s lasers unlocked as part of his ranged arsenal, they’re much more effective than the pulsar or rockets. MODOK will be flying around with four engines underneath him; shoot them. There aren’t too many other enemies at this point so aside from occasionally punching a few away, you can focus entirely on MODOK.
Captain America: Cap will be in a more classic boss battle, needing to double jump when MODOK’s arm turns red. All through the game, red has meant dodge – but here it means double jump, so don't get confused by that. Use ranged attacks on MODOK when you’re not jumping until he crashes down. Then, run around the back and attack his rear engine. It will probably take three or four rounds, so don’t rush this. Caution is better.
Thor: Thor’s part is basically a regular fight because he needs to charge his ultimate ability. As well as the usual combat stuff, make sure you keep your distance from the biggest robots – they’ll grab you and drain your ability charges – and attack the robots when they’re healing. This is an effective way to clear them out and lower the chances of being grabbed. Don’t be afraid to retreat; the main aim here is to charge your ultimate ability, not kill the robots.
Hulk: Hulk isn’t part of the boss battle, and instead saves survivors. It’s just regular fighting.
Black Widow: Black Widow is a real old school boss battle, with shades of N.Tropy in Crash Bandicoot: Warped. You can only damage MODOK by shooting him in the head, so bear that in mind. MODOK has three ways to attack, but they appear to be random rather than sequential. The first is a roving purple attack that follows Black Widow around the arena. Waiting for it to zoom towards her and jumping over it works here. Second, a purple attack will sweep across the arena in a bar, which MODOK will follow, meaning you don’t just need to avoid it, but also need to avoid him. Finally, MODOK will throw purple orbs down. These don’t do any damage themselves but stick Widow in place so she can’t attack or avoid either of the incoming purple attacks. They’ll telegraph where they’re landing with a purple flash, so make sure to avoid them.
Kamala Khan: The battle (and game) finishes with a Kamala Khan-led QTE.