Can you guess these music superstars by their pre-fame jobs?

© Erik Voake/Red Bull Content Pool
Written by Sammy Lee
Take our quiz and see if you can name the hard rock frontman, psych guitarist and hip-hop megastar just from the description of their first, pre-fame jobs.
Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the most starry-eyed and talented need to pay the rent before fame sweeps them up in a whirlwind of freebies and dollar bills.
Before fame is foisted upon them, musicians do the sorts of jobs that, when they're eventually megastars, are as unexpected as it is for mere mortals like us to become stadium-packing hip-hop MCs. Kurt Cobain was a janitor, David Bowie was a butcher's delivery boy, Debbie Harry was a Playboy bunny, Rod Stewart was a gravedigger, and Greg Graffin from Bad Religion was – and this is actually way cool – a paleontologist.
Today, even moderately successful musicians sometimes need to balance music-making and touring with day jobs. But, like the artists who provide the answers to the questions below, a lucky few will be able to say goodbye to the rat race. Take the quiz below.