Play WoW alongside Method in our Post-Raid Show

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Written by Yinsu Collins
Method battle through Battle Of Dazar'Alor again on Twitch – and you can play alongside them!
Method were the world's first guild to beat Battle Of Dazar'Alor, taking down final boss Lady Jaina Proudmoore on the seventh day of raiding. It took 347 attempts to beat Jaina, and now they are back at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere to do it all over again, this time with the help of their fans.
After they shared their secrets of the raid in our first Post Raid Show on Red Bull Esports Twitch, members of the audience will be able to play alongside them as they attempt to take down Jaina again. Don't worry, this time the raid will be on Heroic rather than Mythic+!
It took a week for Sco and his team to beat the raid
It took a week for Sco and his team to beat the raid

What's on Method's Post Raid show today?

On Thursday February 7 at 6pm UK time, Method will be joining us for another Post Raid stream – you can expect to see a PvP battle where the guild members will be facing each other in a special tournament.
Fans could ask Method questions in last night's stream, but this evening audience members will get the opportunity to play alongside Method in a Heroic Battle Of Dazar’Alor raid to try and help the guild take down each of the nine bosses again. You'll also pick up plenty of top tips as you watch.

What happened on Method's first Post Raid show?

On February 6, a day after Method's World First Race, we brought you plenty of raid analysis from the the team's guild members as well as some special guests, including Preach.
Don’t forget to head to Twitch for the Post Raid Show from 6pm UK time tonight.
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