Cédric Dumont is your Mind Set Win podcast host
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Introducing Mind Set Win, the podcast fuelling your mental fitness gains

Join hosts Cédric Dumont and Kate Courtney on a fascinating journey to discover how the psychological approaches of top sports figures can help develop your own mental strength.
Written by Thomas Peeters
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It’s almost time to press play on Mind Set Win, a new podcast series launching on January 19 that lifts the lid on how mental techniques used by inspirational sports athletes, coaches and managers can unlock performance in day-to-day life.
Featuring guests such as Stefanos Tsitsipas, Mondo Duplantis, Ben Stokes and Lucy Charles-Barclay, Mind Set Win uncovers the psychological approaches that have propelled them to the very top of their games.
Not just content with hearing stories, hosts Cédric Dumont and Kate Courtney then analyse the revealing insight and outline practical tips for listeners to take away and action in the real world.
I believe everyone can get better at what they do
Dumont says: “Developing your mental attitude can be quite easy to understand, but very difficult to apply. Mind Set Win aims to help people gain the confidence and courage to take action.”
Read on to learn more about series one of Mind Set Win.

We can all learn from high achievers

Each episode features a new guest detailing the mental tactics behind their success. But are their learnings from developing a winning mental attitude transferable to anyone else?
Dumont passionately believes they are and provides practical steps anyone can adopt to improve their own mindset. “I believe everyone can get better at what they do,” he says.
“We want to help people discover an approach, mindset and focus that works for them and provide relatable learnings they can transfer to their daily lives.”

Cédric Dumont is on a mission

Cedric Dumont performs during Pyramids: Leap of Wonder at the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt on January 29th , 2015.

Dumont gets a bird's eye view of the pyramids

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Dumont has been a pioneer of the Base Jumping and Wingsuit Flying world for three decades. When he’s not pushing his limits in the air, he’s embracing his other true passion of coaching and inspiring other individuals to achieve their goals.
Earlier in his career, the Belgian was so fascinated with how to improve his own resilience and mental strength that he completed a degree in High-Performance Psychology.
“The thing I enjoy the most in life is trying to become better in everything I do,” he reveals. “And not just as an athlete but as a person too.”

Don’t miss the first episode drop

The series launches on January 19 with three captivating episodes filled with revealing interviews and actionable tips for listeners. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s on the way.
Episode 1 – Tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas describes how to find your flow state and perform at your best
Episode 2 - Olympic pole vault champion and world record holder Mondo Duplantis outlines how he’s developed a growth mindset
Episode 3 - Ironman 70.3 world champion Lucy Charles-Barclay reveals how to find and maintain high levels of motivation
An image of cricketer Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes

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Guests including former Bayern Munich and Germany striker Mario Gómez, France’s big wave surfer Justine Dupont, pioneering England cricket captain Ben Stokes and the Olympic champion high jumper from Qatar Mutaz Barshim all feature in upcoming episodes.
Dumont says: “We have a tendency to mystify high achievers and think they aren’t like us, but sometimes they also have self-doubt, hesitation, fear, stress, anxiety and lack self-confidence like everyone else. “They will take action, though, to get closer to their dreams, and that’s something we can learn.”

How to listen

A new episode of Mind Set Win will be released weekly on Red Bull.com and will also be available on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you listen to your podcasts.