Oleg is a Russian stuntman.
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Discover how this urban explorer handles fear

Oleg Cricket has no fear of heights. Here he explains how he deals with risk when it comes to running full-speed to the edge of a 150m-high building.
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Oleg Cricket has no fear of heights

Oleg Cricket is a 25-year-old Siberian who is absolutely not afraid of heights. He travels all around the world and performs incredible stunts on top of high buildings, as you can see in the video above, produced in collaboration with Puma. His videos always go viral on the internet. So, how does Oleg deal with risk ? Read our interview below to find out.
How do you set your limits?
Understanding and knowing your limits comes from experience. When you have the experience to back up your vision – then your head works in a different way. The decision to do or not to do something comes to me in seconds. It's momentary and very hard to explain. But when I detect fanaticism in myself or if I'm being too impulsive, then I stop.
When did you first realise your limits were different to other people?
I moved to a big city (Yekaterinburg) when I was 17. I started to have a dream – I wanted a successful career. I developed bigger goals and started working hard towards them. It was a very important turning point. I gained independence from my parents and became my own man. I guess I'm different from other people, but I don't focus on it. Instead I focus on putting all my energy into achieving my dreams. The audience only sees the results, but the most important for me is the hard work and the efforts I'm putting into everything I do. I live with passion and just have to keep going. I'm happy knowing that I'm giving my very best.

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Oleg Sherstyachenko

Doors, walls, signs. What goes through your mind when you see these kinds of obstacles?
I always try to find a solution, another way in. There's nothing that can stop me if I've made my mind up. I don't even see things as obstacles – it's just conditions. If you have an intention, then anything is possible. You have to stay strong, but also be flexible to see a bigger picture, to always seek solutions.
What is your limit ?
My limit is myself – if I'm not comfortable with the idea then I just don’t do it. I find this happening to me every time when I do a trick or prepare for a stunt. You can't imagine how crazy and big some of my ideas are from the start – I always aim very high, but sometimes I have to stop myself. For example, when I was conceiving the idea for a rooftop slide in Dubai, I was thinking very big – I wanted to do all sorts of things up there.
But as soon as I was on top of this skyscraper and ready to do it, I realised that 'maaaan, it's actually crazy steep and intimidating'. Well, I did it anyway. I feel the fear and do it anyway, but I have to be in control. You might not realise it when you watch me, but everything I do, I'm absolutely 100 percent confident in. If I don't feel it – I just don't do it. I guess it's just that my comfort zone is quite uncommon to many people.
Is there anything you wouldn’t do?
I have a tattoo that says: 'People who think that I'm not afraid while I'm doing all these stunts, are crazier than I am.' I don't have a death wish. I'm just like everyone else, in pursuit of my dreams and life goals. It just so happened that my dreams and fantasies impress many people. But I would never do anything completely stupid or would risk something for nothing. It's not worth it.