A screenshot from Super Mario Bros 3.
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10 classic games you can play online

Remember those great games from your youth? They're right here, available for you to play right now.
Written by Red Bull UK
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The nifty thing about living in the future, as we do, is that you can play a lot of those games you loved as a kid right here in your browser. See, for example, these ten...
Pac Man
Pac Man
Pac Man
Wakka wakka wakka - we're absolutely riddled with Pac Man fever even decades after it first came out. Remind yourself just why this is an enduring classic by playing it.
And playing it some more. And some more. And some more. So, so addictive...

Super Mario Bros 3

A screenshot from Super Mario Bros 3.
Super Mario Bros 3
The NES classic reimagined so you can play it while your boss isn't looking, it's just as wonderful as we remember.
Sure, Super Mario World was the better game, but SMB3 is the one that tickles our retro gland a bit more fiercly, so it wins our selection.

Command and Conquer

This is a minor marvel of technical tinkering, with the creator of this browser-based version of the classic real-time strategy title getting near enough everything bang on.
Now when you're acting like you're answering another inane email, you can actually be firing an ion cannon at onrushing NOD forces. Huzzah!
E.T. the game
E.T. the game

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Only kidding, this is roundly accepted to be one of the worst games ever made.
Then again, it can be fun to try something out, just to see why everyone says it's so bad (and that Atari had to bury thousands of unsold cartridges in the desert).


When you're talking classic, you're talking the likes of Asteroids. Fortunately it's available to play right here, and it's just as much fun as you remember.
That is so long as you don't want to do things like travel in a three-dimensional space, or anything that involves not shooting and avoiding asteroids. Hmm.
A screenshot from Street Fighter 2.
Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter II Turbo

We'll be Ken, you be whoever you want - it makes no difference, we'll always win. And now we can do it in a browser. It's just another place to beat you, if anything.
While sometimes glitchy, when this version works it brings nothing but Pure Joy to all those around the computer. Guaranteed*.
A screenshot from the game Quake.


Maybe we've just not kept up to speed with progress, or maybe it's just that our brains refuse to accept that Quake came out 17 years ago.
Either way, it still feels like this - a functional and fun version of the seminal FPS playing out in your browser - shouldn't be possible. It's probably voodoo, right?

WWF Wrestlefest

A screenshot from WWF Wrestlefest the game.
WWF Wrestlefest
Because every now and then when you're browsing through flatshare ads and you need something to break up the monotony of every single person describing themselves as 'quirky', you just want to hit fat men named after natural disasters.
That's where browser-based Wrestlefest comes in. Winners don't use drugs - they use Mr Perfect.
Let's go! Alright, so the sound isn't functional on this and it's less the pure classic version we all know and love and more a chimera cobbled together to form the thing we used to love.
But somehow, some way, that love shines through. Because as good as directing a squad of blind rodents through puzzle-based levels is, forcing a mass explosive suicide is always better.
*Not guaranteed