Operation Red Circus acts like a little puzzle in and of itself
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Call of Duty Cold War Operation Red Circus: How to review suspects

Want to know how to complete Operation Red Circus in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War without accusing the wrong people? Here's what you need to know.
Written by Dom Peppiatt
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In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you will be challenged with taking out Soviet Major Vadim Rudnik – an enemy military boss that's been helping the enigmatic Perseus undermine the security of European governments. During Operation Red Circus, you will need to identify three Soviet agents from a line-up, and every game will have a different set of people playing double agent.
In order to correctly finger the right person from the line-up of potential spies, you’ll have to collect and review evidence collected during the campaign. Naturally, you're going to find Call of Duty Cold War spoilers ahead.

Operation Red Circus: Where to find all necessary evidence

Once you enter the SATCOM building, you'll find some evidence on a desk
There are three pieces of evidence you will need to collect before you have enough information to identify the right person in Operation Red Circus. Here's what they are and where you can find them.
Franz Kraus’ Ledger: Located in the Brick in the Wall mission, this is found in Kraus' apartment. Once you infiltrate his living quarters, tranq Edda and stage her on the sofa. Head upstairs (wait for Franz to move away from the stairwell) and hide in the kid's bedroom in front of the stairs. Head into the room to your right, and search his draws (to the right of the bed). You'll find the ledger here. Complete the mission and you'll be set.
Cassette Tape w/ Activities Report: Found in the mission Echoes of a Cold War, you can locate this bit of evidence once you enter the SATCOM radar building. It's located on a desk in the room with the bombed-out windows over-looking the mountain range. It'll be in the room just after you find the body with a crossbow bolt lodged in it.
Wristwatch and Dead Drop List: Located in in Desperate Measures, this evidence is never found in the same spot – it can materialise in many of the rooms throughout the level. Some players have noted that they found it in the Records Room, whilst others have noted they've located it in the downstairs Server Room. Others note it's been discovered in the War Room.
If you want to ensure you get the evidence, head to the Server Room once you've turned off the cameras. Duck into the vent to your left and head to the Server Room proper, where you'll find the watch on the tables in the center of the room.

Operation Red Circus: How to identify your targets

You don't want to get on the CIA's bad side, do you?
Now that you have all three pieces of evidence, identifying the double agents should be fairly straightforward. Franz Kraus’s ledger will give you information on the suspects’ specific locations; the Cassette Tape will reveal the gender of the people you're after, and the Dead Drop list will highlight specific dates and additional locations.
Open the watch, and note the three entries there – you will need to cross-reference these pieces of information. Then head to the Ledger. Anyone not mentioned in the Ledger is out and is not a suspect. Cross-reference the dates and locations in the Ledger with the Dead Drop list and then head to the Cassette Tape. You must pay attention to the pronouns here; referring to suspects as 'he' or 'she' will be the easiest way to identify discrepancies in your data.
Once you've looked through the list, head to Review Suspects and select the three you need to eliminate. After you finish the mission, some unique dialogue will play if you got the suspects correct.