5 tips to help you get started in Project CARS 3

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Slightly Mad Studios' latest title is out now, and it can sometimes be tricky getting your Career off the ground. Here's what you need to know about being the best racer you can be
Written by Jack GrimshawPublished on
Project CARS 3 by Slightly Mad studios will give players a fresh way to experience getting behind the wheel and hitting the asphalt, and with this new title comes a brand new progression system, bolstered by assists and goals designed to make you a better driver as you work through the Careers available to you in-game.
With the complexity and detail of tracks and cars in the game, there is a lot to learn and familiarise yourself with. From climbing up the Career path to competing in the new Rivals mode, there is plenty to do in Project CARS 3 – and these five tips should help you get started.

Upgrade to Succeed

You need to know how to upgrade your car if you want to stay fast
You will receive a choice of car to start your Career with, but do not agonise over which for too long – each car will be limited to E Class as this will be the only classification of race available in the beginning.
Each of these cars will be able to easily achieve victory in the early races with some practice. However, you should make sure to bear upgrades in mind: these can be expensive initially, but will give your car some reliable performance increases. Make sure you do not go too wild with those fancy new parts though; each one will increase your car’s rating, and if you go too far it will no longer be usable in low-class races.
Try your best to get as close to the next class as you can without going over, and you will find your car performing to the absolute maximum within it is class. If you do go too far, don't worry: upgrades can be rolled back for a small fee so you can always use your favourite car in any class of your choice. The only exception is the pricey race conversion, which is a one-way process.

Climb the Career Ladder

Moving your way up the Career tiers is key to getting better cars
In Project CARS 3, each Career tier has a number of championships to work through that can provide plenty of good racing fun but if you don’t want to hang around doing E-Class races for too long, and desire something a bit nippier, then it is not difficult to push through the Careers rapidly.
Each Career contains multiple championships –each of which rewards cash and challenges, which can in turn be used to unlock higher Career levels. If you focus on challenges and are not afraid to splash some cash, then meeting the minimum requirements for each new class can be quick and easy.
Challenges are often simple and can be completed simply by racing, but some require extra attention to ensure you achieve them. Make sure to check before each race as to what your optional objectives are and try to get as many of them in one run as you can.

Spending Wisely

Make sure to check out the Showroom at least once per day
Expanding your collection of hardware is a fun and important part of Project Cars 3. Each one added to your garage gives you more options throughout your Career, as well as filling the spots required by certain championships.
For example, some races require a car from Japan of a certain class. To help get your hands on these cars while ensuring you still have the money to grab upgrades, you should make sure to check in with the showroom daily to see what is on offer.
One car every day will be available at a reduced price and while that may not be your dream ride, picking it up will be useful for ensuring you have what you need to complete as many races as possible. These cars are often higher-end, so they may not come into use until the later stages (but will save you costs once you get to these levels).
If you need a better car for a higher-class race, then you can get by from upgrading your already owned cars to get them into a higher bracket. This usually ends up cheaper than outright buying a car from the showroom to fit into a new class, too.

Make the Most of the Assists

Slowly removing your Assists will help you be a better racer
Assists are invaluable regardless of what your skill level is. If you have no clue how to approach completing a lap as fast as possible, then they can be a great teaching tool. However, using the lowest level of Assists can give you an experience boost, allowing you to rank up faster if you do know what you are doing.
Make sure to spend some time in the Assist Menu, tailoring them to your needs and eking out as much of a boost as you can. Some Assists (like anti-lock braking) can be a little more advanced than the others, but working to reduce your reliance on steering and braking Assists will help you get better over time, as well as increasing your experience bonus.
If you can get through a race comfortably then start dropping Assists to gain a greater challenge and reward. Experience earns you levels, which come with cash bonuses and let you purchase new cars – so getting as much as you can be is going to help you progress quicker.

Take Advantage of Rivals

Try to use Rivals for quick boosts to your progression
New to Project Cars 3 is the Rivals Mode. This is a Multiplayer mode that doesn't revolve around competing on the track, but is instead about competing on the leader board. There are Daily, Weekly, and Monthly challenges for you to thrash it out in, and the better you do the higher your rank will become.
When each of these activities reaches the end of its timer, you will earn points towards your overall Rivals rank. Rivals Mode is split into Divisions to ensure that you are always competing with those in your skill level and not the overall global player base.
If you are particularly good you can hit those global highs. At the end of each month, players are awarded experience based on how well they ranked – so Rivals is both an interesting change of pace from traditional Career and Multiplayer modes, while also providing a tangible boost to your overall progression.