Bonhomme and Jones in formation
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Aerobatic Flying

Red Bull Barnstorming: The Extended Cut

How Red Bull Matadors Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones pulled off this world-first feat of aerobatics.
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Red Bull Barnstorming Extended Cut

Red Bull Barnstorming Extended Cut - behind the scenes with Matadors Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones.

Risk: it’s a good idea to calculate it properly. Especially if you’re planning on skimming the ground at high speed in an aeroplane, and flying through a building.
The film above gives insight into the mindset of Red Bull Matador pilots Steve Jones and Paul Bonhomme as they executed their extremely difficult aerobatic manoeuvres.
“I can’t think of anything that I’ve done in the past that was quite as risky as this,” says Wingman Jones.
“As we exited after the first [run through the hangar], we looked across at each other just to make sure that all the bits were still there,” he says. “And they were. It was a great sense of relief, really!”
Apart from being an amazing spectacle, Red Bull Barnstorming is also a victory for precision preparation and mental toughness.
As Leader Paul Bonhomme puts it, “It was bizarre to find myself flying through a building. But it’s proof that our planning has worked.”

It's all about Focus.

How did the Red Bull Barnstorming pilots minimise the chances of human error? Are they superhuman? Ian Robertson, Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, delves into their remarkable psychology, here.