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You got a new match! Cyrkl is the recycling app giving trash a partner

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How the Czech company is pairing recyclers with manufacturers, with heartwarming results...
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Each of us produces waste of many types in many different ways, even if we're conscious about our purchasing decisions and environmental impact. Obviously, thinking about ways to reduce waste production is clearly very important, but it's equally important to also think about how we deal with the waste we've already created.
Are we content just throwing it in the ordinary rubbish bin? Are we trying to at least sort it for the correct recycling bins? Or can we think along different lines to consider how we can offer the waste we create directly to companies that can turn it into a new, useful product? One promising platform doing just that is Czech startup Cyrkl.
"We managed to get the used cans from a festival and those cans then became spare parts for cars through one company," says Cyril Klepek, head of the Cyrkl project.
Cyril Klepek sits on a stool in a white room, next to a window.
Cyrkl was born from Klepek's "great anger at how materials are handled"
Cyrkl assumes that up to 90 percent of waste is generated in a commercial setting and so it's with companies that the project primarily focuses. Cyrkl takes waste from companies and transports it somewhere where much more environmentally sound use is being offered, saving it from landfill sites and polluting the planet further. Almost any type of waste is accepted, from plastics to metals, textiles and more, presenting great opportunity for change in the way companies and manufacturers process and deal with their waste on a large scale.
And that's essentially what Cyrkl is all about. It's a digital waste marketplace that connects people and companies who produce waste with those who can buy it and use it wisely, for example, by transformining it into new products. It's the largest portal of its kind in Central Europe.
"Recycling a 1kg of aluminum means a saving of 11kg of carbon dioxide. That's why it's really important that we recycle all those cans we throw away and other aluminum materials," explains Klepek, who founded Cyrkl two years ago out of what he describes as "great anger at how materials are handled." He's now making great strides with the platform.
Utilising technology, Cyrkl is connecting companies and find better, more sustainable uses for a variety of wastes. At the same time, it encourages other young enthusiasts who want to join similar initiatives to do so as soon as possible – and this is the perfect time to do so.
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