Red Bull Gaming Sphere London

Red Bull Gaming Sphere London: All you need to know

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The UK's largest public esports studio enables you to level up your gaming skills. Find out what's inside, what events are going on and how to gain entry, here.

Whether you want to play in fun weekly tournaments, challenge yourself to rise up the leaderboards or learn from esports professionals, London's new Red Bull Gaming Sphere is an exciting venue for the UK’s games and esports communities.

Where is the Red Bull Gaming Sphere and when does it open?

The Red Bull Gaming Sphere is based in Shoreditch, London. It's open for special esports events and private bookings from 2pm until 10pm, Wednesday to Sunday. You need to register to participate in our events and you need to be over 16 to get in, so make sure you bring your ID.

Address: 2 Chance St, London E1 6JT

What's inside the Red Bull Gaming Sphere?

With ASUS PCs, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles, plus VR headsets, Fanatec racing wheels, Sim-Lab racing chassis and noblechairs gaming seats, it’s packed with all the kit that gamers and esports pros need to thrive.

What's on at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere?

Players will have every opportunity to thrive thanks to the Red Bull Gaming Sphere’s schedule of events. The public will have the opportunity to compete in Friday Night Brawl tournaments most weeks, esports stars will be sharing their knowledge at workshops and players can see how their skills stack up against the UK’s top players with our in-house leaderboards.

As well as community events, The Red Bull Gaming Sphere will also host its own esports tournaments. Here's what's coming up:

This is the second Red Bull Gaming Sphere in the world, after a similar studio opened in Tokyo in February. 

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