Red Bull X2010 gets real at Goodwood

Gran Turismo legend Kazunori Yamauchi checks out the ‘incredible car’ at the Festival of Speed
Written by Tom East
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A picture of Kazunori Yamauchi with the Red Bull X2010
Kazunori Yamauchi with the Red Bull X2010
For most people, the closest they’ll get to the Red Bull X2010 is taking the concept car speeding around the circuits of Gran Turismo 5 and 6, yet petrolheads and gamers had the opportunity to get up close to a full-scale replica model of Adrian Newey’s dream F1 car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014.
Created for Gran Turismo 5, the car was designed by Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s chief designer after Kazunori Yamauchi, the producer of the legendary PlayStation racing series, set him the challenge of creating the fastest F1 car possible, free from all the rules and regulations of the motorsport.
All weekend, fans flocked to the Red Bull stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed to catch a glimpse of the car, crouching beneath the ropes to take close-up photographs of its enclosed wheels and smooth glass cockpit canopy which help make it so fast.
A picture of the Red Bull X2010
Red Bull X2010
However, it wasn’t just the fans who came to Goodwood to see the Red Bull X2010. Kazunori Yamauchi himself dropped by the Red Bull stand to check out the full-size model. As the man behind the most realistic racing game ever, he was never going to admire the fantasy motor from a distance, perching on its shiny body for a photograph.
Nearly four years on from its debut in Gran Turismo 5, Kazunori Yamauchi is still impressed by the motor. “It’s simply an incredible car,” he told Red Bull. “It was a very special opportunity to be able to work with Red Bull’s aerodynamics genius, Adrian Newey, on the challenge of designing the perfect racing car, unrestricted by racing rules or regulations. The resulting Red Bull X2010 is a remarkable machine. Since the full-scale model was first unveiled at the GT5 launch in Madrid, it continues to be a focus of attention from racing and Gran Turismo fans whenever it’s on show.”
Of course, his latest game – Gran Turismo 6 – moves things on with the Red Bull X2014, a model which Yamauchi describes as the ultimate racing car.
He added: “Following the success of the X2010, we’ve taken it one step further with the Red Bull X2014. The X2010 and the X2014 Junior can be played on Gran Turismo 6 now, with the full Standard X2014 model coming soon – so everyone can experience the ultimate racing car for themselves.”
A picture of Jann Mardenborough playing Gran Turismo 6
Jann Mardenborough tries the Hill Climb on GT6
Young racing driver Jann Mardenborough also praised the Red Bull X2010 at Goodwood, where the 2011 GT Academy Champion was appearing to take on the famous Hill Climb. “The Red Bull car is incredible. The X2010 is so fast. It was on GT 5 as well. I’ve driven the latest iteration on 6 and it’s like an F1 car times 10. It’s so fast and you really have to be so dextrous and so quick witted to get the car around the circuit and it’s a definite challenge to pilot that car well.”
Sebastien Loeb won the Hill Climb Time Attack in his Pikes Peak Peugeot while "Mad" Mike Whiddett sped sideways up the hill in a crowd-pleasing exhibition of drifting, but fans could also attempt the Hill Climb, racing on the Gran Turismo 6 pods at the Red Bull stand in a bid to make it onto our leaderboard. Indeed, Mardenborough was practising the course on Gran Turismo 6 just 30 minutes before he was set to race.
A picture of the Gran Turismo 6 pod at Goodwood
The Gran Turismo 6 pod at Goodwood
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