5 reasons why climbing is the best way to get fit this summer

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Looking to get fit fast? British bouldering superstar Shauna Coxsey thinks you should climb...
Written by Phillippa StewartPublished on
Bored of the gym? Fancy trying something a bit different? Make like Red Bull athlete and two-time Bouldering World Champion Shauna Coxsey and hit the climbing walls. Apparently it's the secret to strengthening up your whole body...
Here Shauna shares her top five reasons to head to the climbing wall for your fitness fix this summer.

1. It's not boring

"Climb – it’s the best exercise possible. It’s always different, it’s not monotonous and there are always new things to try. Head to a wall, get an induction and you don't need anything after that. You can hire shoes, you can hire chalk – just go for it and have fun with it.

2. It works the whole body

"Climbing tones everything, you don’t have to do anything else to get good legs or good abs – it does everything from head to toe.

3. Anyone can do it

"Everyone thinks that you need big arms but that’s not the case – anyone can do it, it’s just about commitment.

4. You can train anywhere

"There are a lot of climbers I know who want to get better at climbing but have limited time. Get a fingerboard like a Beastmaker and put it up in your house. These things train finger strength. However, at the beginning you just want a good hold or a bar.
"Everybody can find ten minutes in the day to do little bits of training. It doesn’t take much to make those baby steps.

5. You don't have to change your diet

"Diet is really important and getting good food in is the key thing. I know so many people who avoid things and don’t eat things. However, I am big fan of baking so I eat quite a lot of cake and chocolate but I don’t eat too much. I don’t think I’m strict with my diet, or restrictive. When it gets nearer to competition season I do lean up but I don’t cut things out – I just have a slightly smaller piece of cake!"