Simon Stricker works the narrow transitions of a superb-looking sculptural spot in Taiwan with a backside noseblunt.

Enjoy Simon Stricker ripping across Taiwan

© Pascal Duschletta

Switzerland’s shred supremo tells the tale of dodging earthquakes to make his new edit, Cherry Blossom.

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Filmer Pascal Duschletta and myself headed to Taiwan for two weeks recently, in order to get away from the cold in Switzerland.
At the beginning of the trip, we'd planned to stay a couple of days in Taipei to skate the streets and afterwards travel around the east coast of Taiwan. As we arrived in Taipei, though, a lot of friends texted us because a heavy earthquake had just struck the east coast. Clearly, we'd have to amend our plans. On the first night, we noticed the hotel shaking slightly.
It rained heavily in the streets of Taipei and with the forecast for the next several days also really bad, we decided to take the high speed train to Kaohsiung, some 362km south of the capital.
We didn't know anything about Koahsiung, so we just rented bicycles and traversed the streets and schoolyards to check out spots. Kaohsiung was a bit of a skate paradise – there are a lot of spots. We really enjoyed skating here.
After skating for five solid days in Kaohsiung, we went back to Taipei, where we had a little spot map and so got to skate a lot of nice spots there, too.
On our first day back, people explained to us that everything would close for the next few days because of the Chinese New Year. Now, at home on New Year, a lot of shops, restaurants and bars are open, but here everything shuts and we struggled to eat for a bit.
The upside was that all the security guards and schoolyard attendants were on holiday! The locals told us that Chinese New Year is the best time of the year to skate the streets because you never get kicked out. We had a really great time in Taiwan and came back with a lot of footage.
Thanks to Pascal Duschletta for the nice trip!