Pasha Petkuns performs at Jason Paul's Running Illusion in Usedom, Germany on June 19th 2015
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6 Red Bull videos that will make your head spin

Get ready to hit the “play again” button...
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Still reeling from the most mind-bending BMX film of the year – Kriss Kyle’s Kaleidoscope? has dug through the archives to find you some more head-spinning trickery.
Get a load of these videos...

1. Jason Paul’s Running Illusions

2 min

Running illusions

Rarely is a clip so sick it actually makes you feel sick, but that’s Jason Paul in his latest edit.

Warning: This could turn your world upside down. Rarely is a clip so sick that it actually makes you feel sick, but this is the case with Jason Paul’s Running Illusions. How did his bed end up on the ceiling?

2. Red Bull Daily Grind

4 min

9 to 5 to Survive, Gotta be a Better Way?

This is what happens when the Red Bull Skate Team is forced to work in an office.

Ever wanted to run riot in the office? Well, Ryan Sheckler, Felipe Gustavo and Corbin Harris did just that as they set out to prove that despite the stereotypes, skateboarders were actually meant for office life. You’ll never look at the photocopier in the same way after watching this...

3. Kluge: The Athlete Machine

Take some of the world’s best athletes and combine them with a machine that will only work if each is on the top of their game. Man takes on machine in Kluge: The Athlete Machine. Physics has just got physical.

4. Jason Paul Arcade Run

3 min

Jason Paul Arcade Run

Freerunner Jason Paul goes a 2D journey as he recreates his favourite computer games, with a twist.

The incredible freerunner Jason Paul stars in his own video game in this fun, 1980s-inspired clip. There are jumping blocks, fights and baddies. A classic combo.

5. Paul Steiner changes planes mid-air

3 min

Arkte Blanix 2

Arkte Blanix 2

Talk about turning things on their heads. In 2010, Austrian Paul Steiner, of the Red Bull Skydiving Team, climbed out of the cockpit of one glider and on to the wing of another at 2,000ft. The first plane then turned upside down, allowing him to hang onto it. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "connecting flight". 
N.B. Don't be alarmed when you see the helicopter at 01.56 – it's not going to dice Paul up into tiny chunks, it's just a trick of perspective.

6. Jumping the Arc de Triomphe

Launching your motorbike to land 10 stories up is madness. But that’s just what Robbie Maddison did as he jumped to the top of the Vegas Arc de Triomphe – and then back again. Just shut your eyes for the landing part. He later said, "I don't care if you offered me $10 million, I wouldn't do it again." Luckily it was caught on camera the first time...
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