Here are the best skills in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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Written by Sayem Ahmed
Looking for success in Alderaan places? Our skill guide will set you right.
Cal Kesis has a fair bit of trauma-related amnesia in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which is a pretty convenient way of saying that you’re not going to be flipping around Yoda-style right out of the gate in the game. Instead, you’ll need to upgrade your skills in order to regain some of your force abilities, in addition to some basic survivability ones, too. However, knowing which skills to get and figuring out how to get skill points quickly can be tricky, so we’ve assembled all of our top tips right here in our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Skills Guide.

Understanding the Skills Mechanic

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's skill tree has one hell of an aesthetic
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's skill tree has one hell of an aesthetic
If you’re not used to the format of the “souls” or “souls-like” games that Jedi: Fallen Order modelled it’s skills system around, then you might not quite understand how acquiring skill points works. The basic flow is that you traverse the world, take out some baddies, rest at a meditation point and use any acquired skill points there. However when you die, you lose all of your experience, and have one shot to get them back by hitting the enemy that killed you.
Due to this, it can be incredibly important to keep your health up to the next meditation point. If you’re struggling to keep your experience, then you may just need to find a good grinding spot that’s relatively near a meditation point with lots of enemies that you can respawn at. We’ll talk more on that later.

How to get Skill Points Quickly

Messing up the Empire is exhausting
Messing up the Empire is exhausting
Attaining experience isn’t just a matter of cutting down Stormtroopers. You’re also able to gain skill points by scanning objects, unlocking secrets or opening loot chests. However, the most efficient way to grind out skill points is always going to be to get a group of easy to kill enemies near a meditation point. We’d recommend heading to Dathomir’s first meditation point, right before the point where you’re able to grab the dual-bladed lightsaber. This area is littered with a group of enemies that you’ll be able to respawn quickly after a battle. However, this area can be pretty tough if you’re early on in the game. But if you’re skilled enough to grab the dual-bladed lightsaber early on, you should have no trouble cutting down these enemies.
As soon as you’ve cleared out the room of enemies, just head back to the meditation point, regain your health, respawn all enemies and get ready to do it all over again. This grind can be unrelenting, but it’s a great way to quickly earn skill points.

Best Survival Skills

To survive you'll want to dig into the survival skill tree
To survive you'll want to dig into the survival skill tree
Due to the nature and structuring of the game, no amount of flashy ways you can swing a lightsaber will compare to getting a solid health upgrade. Luckily, on the “Survival” tree of your skills screen, there are skills called “Survival Skills”, “Enhanced Survival Skills” and “Expert Survival Skills” that all upgrade Cal’s base health. This is one of the most useful upgrades in the entire game, and you should get them as soon as they’re unlocked. With a forgiving skill point cost, there should be no reason to ignore this.
“Improved & Personalised Stim” -This duo of upgrades increases the effectiveness of the stim that you use to regain your health. Upgrading these will increase the amount of life you heal with each one. We recommend getting this after you’ve gotten your appropriate “Survival Skills” upgrade. It costs one skill point for the first upgrade, and two skill points for the second upgrade.
“Agile Deflection” costs one skill point and allows you to automatically block or deflect blaster bolts automatically when Cal is sprinting. This is incredibly useful for those big open areas with lots of enemies, and will definitely save you a few times in the long run. With a very small skill point cost, this is essential for playing on those harder difficulties where even a single blaster shot could mean life or death.

Best Lightsaber Skills

The best defence is a good offence
The best defence is a good offence
One of the most useful lightsaber skills is unarguably the “Delay Combo” costing a single skill point. This timing-based attack has you tapping attack, waiting for a little and then tapping attack again for a big lunge into an enemy. This attack can deal a significant amount of damage to the enemy’s block meter, and more often than not break their guard. Especially when up against those “heavier” enemies, this attack can be incredibly useful in boss fights.
“Overhead Slash” costs one skill point and does a significant amount of damage, and block damage to an enemy, this is a good opening attack for many enemies, as it often sets them off-balance right from the get-go, where you’re able to dish out a huge amount of damage in a very short space of time. Combine this with the delay combo and you’ve got an incredibly deadly concoction of skills.
“Evasive Kick” unlocks very early on in the game, and allows you to do an incredibly quick kick after you have evaded an attack, this is a good way to gain some breathing room while faced up against an enemy, and we recommend following up with the delay combo to dish out some significant amounts of damage.

Best Force Skills

Patience is key
Patience is key
“Force Attunement”, “Greater Force Attunement” & “Ultimate Force Attunement” costs one point each for the first two upgrades and two points for the final upgrade. This skill increases the amount of force you’re able to use while in battle, and if you’re a keen user of the force in combat, can be incredibly handy when in a pinch.
“Mass Push” costs one skill point and allows you to push or stagger enemies, and hurl them off a ledge if you’re lucky. When faced with unassuming stormtroopers this can be incredibly handy, and can also be upgraded to “Howling Push” which doesn’t just stagger large enemies, but blow them away.
“Grasping Pull” costs just one point and requires some story progression to acquire. After you spend the single point to unlock it, it can pull enemies towards you, and is a great way to close the gap between you and an enemy, or you can also pair it up with Mass Push to send them off of a ledge immediately. Playing around with the two powers above are the most useful applications of your force powers, and can make you feel incredibly powerful.