Loving the elements

The 20 craziest tattoos for mountain lovers

Do you love the mountains? Time to call your most trusted tattoo artist and ink that love into your skin.
Written by Thomas WernhartPublished on
There are many ways to show your love for the mountains. You can make POV edits on powder lines, put up images of your shred trips on the walls, or publish Instagram posts about your adventures… but some want their love to be forever visible and tattoos are the perfect solution. Whether it's simplistic ink lines or breathtaking pieces of art – why not paint the canvas that is your body? Let's get inspired!

1. Coming full circle

2. The universe revolves around mountains

3. Minimalist

4. The alpine hut of your dreams

5. At the foot of the mountain

6. Triangle

7. Square

8. The body as the canvas

9. Setting your sights on the essential

10. When your heart beats for skiing

11. The compass of happiness

12. Polynesian skiing culture

13. Panoramic view

14. With all your heart

15. Monkey business

16. Just the pure essentials

17. Carving till the bones rattle

18. The legend himself – Eero Ettala

19. A life for the mountains

20. No doubt what this heart beats for

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