These racing games will drive us to distraction
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6 racing games you must play in 2017

The hottest racers coming in the next 12 months, from Gran Turismo Sport to Project CARS 2.
Written by Adam Cook
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2016 was an amazing year for driving games. From the stunning Forza Horizon 3 (we're pretty sure we’ll get a new Forza game this year, but it's not been confirmed) to F1 2016, and the console version of Dirt Rally, there was plenty for everyone to enjoy.
There's no time for a pit stop, though, as 2017 looks like it will be another great 12 months for racing fans. These are the games that should be on your radar this year.

1. Gran Turismo Sport

New Gran Turismo games don't come around all that often. These are games where the development time is long as Kazunori Yamauchi and his team work hard to ensure a high quality end product.
GT Sport will be the series' first game on Sony's current generation hardware, and that means we're likely to get some outrageously good visuals, with some 4K TV support, too. It'll also have a VR mode, and Sony are attempting to push the game into the eSports arena, with live competitions that'll happen regularly.
It may have been a long wait for the PS4's first Gran Turismo, but this one should be a stunner.

2. Project CARS 2

A Ford Focus WRC car depict in the forthcoming Project CARS 2 video game by Slightly Mad Studios
Project CARS 2
Rumoured for a September release, Project CARS 2 looks like it'll be another gorgeous, hyper-realistic sim racer. Developers Slightly Mad Studios are a team made up of industry veterans that have worked on the Need for Speed and Test Drive franchises, and they're all about making the game for their community.
With more disciplines than before, a co-op career, over 50 unique locations, and a major social element, their fans should be happy. Like Sony, Slightly Mad intend to push eSports with Project CARS 2, and they may well succeed.

3. Need for Speed 2017

A Porsche 911 car depicted in the forthcoming Need for Speed video game, sure for release in 2017
Need for Speed 2017
We don't know a huge amount about this year's Need for Speed, a game that was revealed via a blog by developer Ghost Games. While the 2015 reboot received a mixed reception, it shouldn't be forgotten that the studio also worked on the fantastic Need for Speed Rivals, which showcased some superb ideas.
If Ghost Games and EA can strike the balance between their two Need for Speed games, and perhaps drop the FMV story, this could be something special. We can certainly be confident that, if all else fails, it'll look and sound phenomenal.

4. Assetto Corsa

Screenshot showing a yellow McLaren from the Assetto Corsa video game
Your racing game of 2016, Assetto Corsa
Why is this game on the list, you're saying? It's already out, and we know you loved it, because you selected it as the best racing game of 2016. Well, the team at Kunos Simulazioni have big plans for 2017.
According to the developer's end-of-year blog, fans can expect new features, new content, new DLC, bonus tracks and free bonus cars, such as the Mazda 787B, the Miata NA, the new Maserati Quattroporte, and the new Audi TT. There also appear to be plans afoot to celebrate 70 years of Ferrari. Don't stop playing this one yet, folks, because there's much more coming.

5. Road Rage

This is the first Road Rash game for 16 years. Taking place in an open-world city, it looks like it channels the spirit of the original, but it's more story based. At times it looks like GTA on motorbikes as you drive around on two wheels, hitting people with chains and pipes.

6. WipEout Omega Collection

If you're not old enough to have played a WipEout game, we feel sorry for you. The blistering high-speed excitement of the original 1995 PlayStation game was improved only by the PS3 game WipEout HD, and the expansion pack Fury.
Omega Collection bundles together the two PS3 games plus WipEout 2048 (PS Vita), and remasters them with 4K, HDR visuals. The series has always looked amazing, though, and the games had outrageously good soundtracks. 
With a whopping 26 tracks, 46 ships, online and offline multiplayer, plus those brand new, shiny visuals, it'll be a treat for WipEout veterans and newcomers to the futuristic racer.
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