Trash Free Trails is showing how you can have a purposeful adventure this summer by being active and cleaning up your environment
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Clean up the great British outdoors with Trash Free Trails this summer

The non-profit group are encouraging you to have a Purposeful Adventure and #LeaveAPositiveTrace - here’s how you can get involved.
Written by Baba Osikoya
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Trash Free Trails are a mountain bike collective who aim to protect the great outdoors. By 2025, their goal is to have reduced single-use pollution in wild places across Britain by 75 per cent.
This August, Trash Free Trails is leading the way to a cleaner environment by campaigning to get people – you included – outdoors and collecting litter.
How it feels to #leaveapositivetrace
How it feels to #leaveapositivetrace
Reconnecting with nature will help the community to realise their impact and responsibility for the great outdoors
Dom Ferris, Trash Free Trails
Their hashtag, #LeaveAPositiveTrace, is in direct response to the phenomenon of NDD, or Nature Deficit Disorder. NDD is the idea that a failure to interact directly with nature can result in losing your connection with the outdoors. Trash Free Trails believe that this loss of connection can result in taking less care of our environment, and that it is driving up instances of littering.
The non-profit organisation – who are once again a sustainability partner at Red Bull Hardline this year – also believe that side effects of disconnection from nature can include common mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.

How you can get involved

This summer Trash Free Trails are sharing great ideas for how you can get outdoors and have a Purposeful Adventure – a day out where you leave a positive trace behind you – across the UK.
Visit their website to find a step-by-step guide on how you can #LeaveAPositiveTrace. Don’t forget to share your explorations and the positive impact you’ve made!
Also on their site you will find a list of places that are Purposeful Adventure-friendly. If you're a venue and you want to be added to their listings, you can also contact Trash Free Trails directly.

Need some inspiration on where to explore?

Here is a guide to having the best summer ever. Visit these locations and #LeaveAPostiveTrace with a sweet and simple trail clean. Share your purposeful adventure and become a part of the environmental campaign.