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Max, Daniel, Sergio and Yuki: Who'll be crowned the best beach lifeguards?

Four new lifeguards have hit Australia's beaches in season two of the (Un)serious Race Series. Watch Oracle Red Bull and Visa Cashapp RB drivers tackle some coastline challenges Down Under!
Written by Andrew Cotman
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Have these four F1 drivers got what it takes to join one of the hardest professions – the surf life saver – in Australia?
(Un)serious Race Series is back for a second season! This episode was filmed on the eve of the Melbourne Grand Prix and saw Max Verstappen, Sergio Pérez, Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda take on lifeguard duties at Melbourne’s Hampton Beach.
The first season saw a mix of all four drivers as they raced in hovercrafts, monster trucks, kei trucks and mini jet boats.
What better way to test their skills than to put them behind the wheel of the main vehicle lifeguards use to help keep Australian beaches safe - a Can-Am Commander! They weren't the only sporting royalty on the beach with snowboarding legend Scotty James and current world number one surfer Molly Picklum in charge of judging on the day.
Scotty James, Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo are seen during the Red Bull Unserious Race in Melbourne, Australia on March 20, 2024.

Scotty James helps the drivers establish the racing line

© Brett Hemmings/Red Bull Content Pool

There were two main challenges, the first saw a sprint and tow race, and the second, a side-by-side race on a slalom course.
The first challenge kicked off with Verstappen and Pérez speeding down the beach on the Can-Am Commander. They popped up their two life-saving flags, reversed and connected their Sea-Doo watercraft before returning to the start line in rapid time.
Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda perform during the Red Bull Unserious Race in Melbourne, AUS on March 20, 2024

Sea-Doo attached, time to get going for Ricciardo and Tsunoda

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Max Verstappen & Sergio Pérez are seen driving the Can-AM buggy during (Un)serious Race Series in Australia.

Verstappen and Pérez head back to the finish line

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Up next were Ricciardo and Tsunoda who managed to unlock a speed boost somehow but lost some precious time raising their flags before making their way back to the start and finish line. The boys also had a secret strategy but it didn't pay off for them.
"We thought if he (Yuki) was on the back of the Sea-Doo we'd get better traction," said Ricciardo.
While extremely close, the win went to Verstappen and Pérez of Oracle Red Bull Racing. "They took off so fast" said Verstappen with Tsunoda claiming Ricciardo drove it over from Perth after getting the vehicle "finely tuned".
Molly Picklum poses with the finish flag during the Red Bull Unserious Race in Melbourne, AUS on March 20, 2024.

Finishing flag duties for Molly Picklum

© Graeme Murray/Red Bull Content Pool

We thought if he (Yuki) was on the back of the Sea-Doo we'd get better traction
Daniel Ricciardo
The second challenge was chaos with both teams racing down a slalom course at high-speed before picking up a bunch of life-saving gear. On the return back to the start line, both teams lost items off the back of their Can-Am Commander buggies and received time penalties.
The win though, went to Visa Cash App RB drivers Ricciardo and Tsunoda... or so we thought! On replay, it was noted that they missed picking up several items and were disqualified, giving the win to Verstappen and Pérez.
Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez discuss the course paracours during the (Un)serious Race Series in Australia.

That way Sergio!

© Graeme Murray/Red Bull Content Pool

Ricciardo and Yuki were not happy about the decision and having to return their first place medals! All in all, it was plenty of fun on the sand in Melbourne for everyone in the build up to Australian Grand Prix.
The (Un)serious Race Series will continue ahead of a handful of Grands Prix this season and Visa Cash App RB drivers will be desperate to get the win over Oracle Red Bull Racing next time out in a yet-to-be-announced unserious race vehicle and a surprising race location.

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Molly Picklum

A natural athlete turned surfing prodigy, Molly Picklum is Australia’s next big thing.


Scotty James

The youngest Australian to ever compete at the Winter Games, Australian snowboarder Scotty James has dominated the halfpipe event for more than a decade.


Max Verstappen

The son of former Formula One driver Jos Verstappen, Max Verstappen is the youngest race-winner in F1 history and a three-time world champion.


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Japan's newest F1 hero, Visa Cash App RB driver Yuki Tsunoda has risen like a rocket through the ranks of formula racing.


Sergio Pérez

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