5 water workouts to try in 2017

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Written by Rachel Verity
Switch up the lengths and take your fitness to a new level with these five fun aqua workouts.
A new wave of water-based fitness classes are turning local pools into the new gym floor. With interval training, Zumba and even spinning classes now on offer, aqua classes are making a refreshing change to the usual dreary laps.
As well as being fun, these classes have an additional benefit – water actually creates a natural resistance far higher than air, helping to build strength, tone and raise cardio intensity, all without the high impact on joints that land workouts can bring.
Feeling inspired to take your fitness to a new level? Read on for five exciting water workouts to try this year.

1. Floatfit HIIT

Put your core strength to the test
Put your core strength to the test
Floatfit® HIIT is a 30 minute, low-impact, but high-intensity workout, carried out on a water-based patform, which triggers often-ignored muscles that help strengthen your joints and core. Working through burpees, lunges, squats and sit-ups, all the while trying to stay atop of a float, is a quick way to find out just how strong your core really is. Gym wear is recommended, but be prepared to get it wet.

2. Swimsanity

Popularised by Shaun T, the man responsible for the Insanity fitness craze, Swimsanity combines the proven success of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with joint-friendly aqua classes and high-energy music. Suitable for both swimmers and non-swimmers, the sessions combine fitness drills with swimming techniques, so as well as improving your all-round form, it’s a fun way to work on your strokes.

3. Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is likely to feel more like a party than a workout. The high-energy sessions have all the fun of a Zumba class, with the added benefit of a low-impact workout and the natural resistance that water brings, helping to tone your muscles while boosting your cardio fitness.

4. Hydro

Take the monotony out of lengths
Take the monotony out of lengths
Hydro is a new swimming class from Virgin Active that is designed to take the monotony out of lengths while supercharging your fitness levels. As well as improving your swimming technique, the 60-minute class is designed to work on your endurance and provide a full-body workout with a combination of longer distance swims at low intensity, mixed with shorter distance sprints at a higher intensity. The class burns 200-350kcal per half hour, making it an effective way to keep fit and stay in shape.

5. Aqua Spinning

aquAllure’s water-based spinning sessions offer a full-body workout experience that, due to its impact-free nature, is suitable for all levels. Working along to music, the classes combine high-intensity sprints with longer endurance intervals to help build your cardio fitness. With water resistance maximising the amount of calories you burn, these sessions have the potential to burn a whopping 800kcal per hour.
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