The players to watch at VSFighting

Who is going to win at England’s biggest fighting game tournament?
Written by Dave Aubrey
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VS Fighting, one of the UK’s biggest fighting game tournaments, is back. Top players from the British Isles and beyond will travel to Birmingham on 6-7 August to compete in six of the best fighting games around. It’s like England's own EVO!
Super Smash Bros. Mortal Kombat X, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and Killer Instinct will all be there, while Street Fighter V players will be competing for all-important Capcom Pro Tour points. The crowd is set to be massive, but whether you’re going to be there or are just watching the stream, these are the top players to watch in each game.

Street Fighter V

Being a Capcom Pro Tour event, perhaps more is at stake for World Warriors than some other competitors, and the promise of crucial Pro Tour points has attracted players from all over Europe.
UK legends such as Problem X, Packz and Ryan Hart will be aiming for that top spot, but it will be tough as French fighters Luffy and Valmaster haven’t come all this way to settle for second place. Who’s going to win? Well, having beaten Luffy to win Hypespotting V in Scotland earlier this year, Problem X will fancy his chances – the London fighter is the highest ranked of these five top fighters, too.

Mortal Kombat X

A F0xy Grampa, the second best player in the world right now, is going to be the one to beat at VSFighting. That said, brothers Ketchup and Mustard are also competing, and they too have a Mortal Kombat legacy that’s not to be sniffed at.
For many players in the MKX scene though, this is a great chance to learn from the very best and earn some glory of their own, and players like Aixy will be hoping to give F0xy a game.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Afro Smash
Afro Smash
All the UK’s Smash Bros titans will be out in force at VSFighting. In the Smash community IxisNaugus is heralded as the undisputed best player in the country, but the same was once said about JMiller, who’s recently made a return to the scene after a hiatus. He’s been rising back up the rankings, and his speedy resurgence should make any competitors nervous.
No player should feel too confident though – DAT Team’s Khanage and Afro Smash (pictured above) could also take the first place trophy. They’ve both won a fair few tournaments and have put some of the game’s best players in their place.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

A picture of the Tekken Tag Tournament player Kingjae
The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Grand Final at VSFighting 2015 was dominated by Real Menace, who reset the bracket against Kingjae and then took the tournament without giving his opponent a single game.
Can Kingjae hit back this year? He has had plenty of time to devise new strategies to triumph against his rival, but Real Menace won’t be the only competitor he has to worry about; Haroun knows the game well, and won’t lay down without a fight.

Killer Instinct

ImStillDaDaddy (right) competing
ImStillDaDaddy (right) competing
VSFighting 2016 is the English Qualifier for Kombo Klash, the Killer Instinct World Cup, and with vicious players like SM4SH K1NG, one of the UK’s best Killer Instinct players, attending, competition is guaranteed to be at a fever pitch.
ImStillDaDaddy (pictured above) is also a favourite, but experienced players such as Banemobius and Valoraxe want that World Cup invite, let alone the trophy and prize pot. With the pedigree of players attending, this is the most exciting Killer Instinct event in the UK this year.

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator

Last year, Kyzertron took the Grand Final from C4IQ after an impressive bracket reset, and with both players in attendance once again, history may repeat itself. We can be sure that C4IQ has learned some lessons since then, and will come back stronger than ever. 
Players like Lark0 shouldn’t be counted out though – after an impressive showing last year, he proved that he has the necessary skills to compete at the top. As long as these players hold it together, Guilty Gear Xrd will have an unmissable finale.
The battle for supremacy starts this weekend. Follow the action on Twitch or