Jimothy Lacoste

Meet Jimothy Lacoste, the north London rapper making life Quite Exciting

© Jimothy Lacoste

Everything you need to know about the unique viral star.

The internet can’t get enough of Jimothy Lacoste, a north London rapper who’s been generating a massive buzz with his low budget music videos, deadpan delivery and a cheerful outlook on life. Lacoste (real name Timothy Gonzales) first started posting music online back in 2016, but it was last summer’s Getting Busy! – a boastful anthem about simply having loads of stuff to do – that made Lacoste a cultural phenomenon and established his typically goofy catchphrase: “Life is getting quite exciting”.
2018 has been kind to Jimothy Lacoste so far. Love him or loathe him, it looks like he's here to stay. Here’s a quick guide to get familiar with the UK’s strange new sensation.

He absolutely loves public transport

Jimothy Lacoste’s latest tune Subway System – which, at the time of writing, has racked up over 97,000 plays on YouTube – is a catchy ode to London’s rail network that celebrates the Tube’s efficiency while acknowledging the perils of pricey tickets and grumpy businessmen. Quite the daredevil, Lacoste can also be seen hanging on to the back of moving buses and trains in his videos.

He’s an incredible dancer

His lo-fi beats are kind of genius

While Lacoste’s tracks certainly have an amateur feel, he’s already perfected a bright and chirpy sound that’s truly distinctive. Although his material so far seems to be largely self-produced, a few of his tracks credit contributions from sound designer Peter Duffy. Duffy has worked on video projects with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Stormzy, and you may or may not remember him from the tongue-in-cheek pop-rap duo Man Like Me.

He’s a fashion icon in the making

With his messy but preppy look, Jimothy is taking the fashion world by storm. He’s listed Burberry, Ralph Lauren and – of course – Lacoste as a few of his favourite brands, and it’s probably only a matter of time before he lands an official endorsement deal.

He’s friends with Poundland Bandit

Chances are that, at some point, your style has been mocked by Poundland Bandit – the painfully precise Instagram account that pokes fun at current fashion trends and cultural clichés. While the Bandit is anonymous, they’ve been making sure everyone knows that they’re one of Jimothy Lacoste’s biggest fans.

He's getting major industry co-signs

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