Method’s Sco says it feels amazing to beat WoW boss Jaina on 347th attempt

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Written by Tom East
Following an epic boss fight, Scott ‘Sco‘ McMillan's tells Red Bull that the Battle Of Dazar'Alor Race To World First was tougher than he thought it would be.
Method’s co-owner and founder Scott ‘Sco’ McMillan has admitted that his guild felt the pressure as they battled to beat Jaina in a Race to World First that was harder than he expected.
Limit, Method’s main rival for the The Battle Of Dazar’Alor Race To World First, began their raid on Tuesday January 29 and had defeated seven of the raid’s nine bosses before the leading EU guild started 24 hours later at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere. Method quickly caught up with Limit, taking out seven bosses on day one and knocking down the eighth on the following day. However, it would take Method five more days and 347 attempts to be the first guild in the world to defeat Jaina.
Shortly afterwards, Sco told Red Bull how it felt to win their 11th Race To World First. “Honestly, it feels absolutely amazing,” he said. “I’m super happy right now.” However, having defeated so many bosses early on, he perhaps wasn’t expecting the raid to go to a seventh day.
“The fact that we went into day one with the US guild on already eight out of nine bosses, I was really scared that this was going to go past really fast, but to find out that Jaina was as difficult as we were hoping for, and to be able to catch up and claim that World First while the NA guilds were doing their replay on the fresh reset feels absolutely amazing.”
There was definitely a little pressure on usScott 'Sco' McMillan
While Method had cut the early advantage enjoyed by Limit, it was a race against the clock to beat Jaina on the final day before the EU reset on Wednesday February 6. If Method hadn’t defeated her before then, they would have had to come back and beat the bosses all over again, handing Limit another headstart as the US reset happened on Tuesday.
“There was definitely a little pressure on us, because as we were doing our tries today, the US were already clearing the bosses from the fresh reset. I think they were about mid-way through the raid when we got the kill.”
When we realised how hard Jaina was we knew that it would take something special to defeat herScott 'Sco' McMillan
Despite this, Sco was always confident that Method would get the job done. “The longer things went on and we realised that this fight against Jaina wasn’t going to be a pushover, that’s when the confidence started returning to us, because every day extra we spent on the fight we knew that the gap was closing between us and Limit. So when we realised how hard Jaina was we knew that it would take something special to defeat her. We actually got some really good tries last night, below 10%, but at the end of the night we realised that we needed to come back fresh today.”

The toughest raid yet?

With it taking 347 attempts to defeat Jaina, was this raid harder than Sco thought it would be? “Yes, 100%," he admitted. "So, on the first day the difficulty ramp up was very, very small, but then you get to Jaina and it’s a massive spike upwards. It would have been much nicer if the difficulty had been more spread out."
Reflecting on another successful raid, Sco added, “I think the bosses were good, and the atmosphere in the whole raid was great, but I think it was a bit ruined that the first eight bosses went down so quickly, because the top raiding guilds put months and months of effort into preparing for a raid. To see the first eight bosses drop so fast, it’s not exactly super rewarding for the amount of time and effort you put into the raid at that point. Obviously Jaina made up for it. She was a hard boss - it was a good fight, but it would have been better if some of the bosses were a bit harder.”
Method will be telling us exactly how they defeated all nine bosses in a special post-raid show on Twitch from 6pm UK time. Please do join us…
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