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Watch Mike Barnes risk his toes on a rocket ride

The Floridian native tosses the rulebook out of the window with exposed toes in his circular flows.
Written by Niall NeesonPublished on
In the expansive category of bad ideas associated with skateboarding – a genre which includes indulging anyone wearing heels wanting to have a bash, trying to second-guess shuffling grannies and saying ‘last go‘ – there are two which sit apart in their heinousness.
The first is flirting with the multiplier of G forces by going anywhere near upside down. In a famous example, Skatepark of Tampa owner Brian Schaefer almost emptied himself on an ill-advised attempt at looped inversion, caught on film in what remains a slam that will live long in infamy. To call attempting a loop treacherous is to understate things considerably.
The second 'it would be great if you couldn’t' bad idea in skateboarding is: doing it without appropriate footwear. What possesses people to do this for a laugh? Protect your poor feet if you can, they will suffer enough in the end! Flip flops, sandals, barefoot – exposed toes equals 'just say no'.
It's madness of the highest order: the correct number of toes to leave the session with is however many you brought with you, every single time. No doubt there's a back alley of the internet somewhere with videos of shoeless tomfoolery on skateboards gone awry.
However, Florida’s Mike Barnes has a rather cavalier approach to conventional concrete wisdom and risks all sorts of potential unpleasantness for the ever-wonderful lens of Joe Brook. Check it out at the top of the page.
Clearly, don’t try this at home; nor anywhere else for that matter.