G2 Esports take a bow at the 2022 LEC Week 6
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G2 Esports’ Worlds hopes remain after Week 6 in the LEC 2022 Summer Season

G2 Esports are still in fourth place after a Week 6 that was full of ups and downs – here's what happened over the weekend.
Written by Ric Cowley
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After a tremendous Week 5 in the League of Legends European Championship 2022 Summer Season, G2 Esports were riding high. With two consecutive wins under their belts and a streak of losses finally broken, the momentum was back in their favour, and the only way was up.
Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans are sure to go awry and Week 6 didn't end the way the squad would have hoped. A well-earned win over Team BDS on the first day led to a disappointing result against Team Vitality on day two, allowing G2 to remain in contention for a spot at the Playoffs – but there'll be no resting on their laurels for quite some time.

A weekend of revenge

G2's first match against BDS was a chance to redeem themselves after a disastrous performance earlier in the season. There's no sugarcoating it – BDS have lost every single game they've played all season, apart from their win over G2 in Week 2. Falling to the LEC's lowest-ranked team again simply was not an option.
Though from the very first kill of the game, it seemed like a loss was on the cards. G2 opted to go for a team fight-focused composition, which did not work well for them in the early game. It was 17 minutes until the team picked up their first kill, by which point BDS had already nabbed five – when G2 finally got their second kill, BDS already had eight.
But in the end, the long game paid off. At around 25 minutes, G2 finally made their move in the Baron pit, allowing BDS to tire themselves out on the objective before swooping in to take down two of the opposing team and pick up the Baron for themselves. From there, a huge team fight in the Dragon pit saw G2 pick up their fourth drake of the game and the all-important Soul Point, all while finally evening out the kills.
The game all came crashing to a close when BDS went off to try their chances at the second Baron, but a truly incredible dive from G2 jungler Marcin 'Jankos' Jankowski saw G2 steal the Baron away at the very last second. Mere moments later, G2 steamrolled into the enemy base and took down the Nexus.

A tale of two halves

Sadly, the celebrations wouldn't last long. G2 faced Team Vitality next, a team they had successfully beaten back in Week 2, and so they must have felt like they had a strong chance in this matchup. With their revenge now taken against BDS, surely the team could maintain their momentum and take down Vitality?
It wasn't to be. From the very first fights, Vitality managed to stand strong and shut down G2 at almost every opportunity. Former team-mate Luka 'Perkz' Perković successfully completed the match without dying once, and seemed to have a vendetta against Jankos and Rasmus 'caPs' Winther in particular, diving into several fights with them and even picking up a double kill on the pair. The strategy seemed to pay off too – with the veteran players so frequently being taken down, the rest of G2 couldn't find any openings and were soon picked off in every team fight. After just 28 minutes, Vitality stormed G2's base, aced the team, and took the win.
But it's not all over for G2. For one, their win against BDS secured them a fourth-place spot, leaving them in a relatively healthy position for the next two weeks. For another, G2's next matches are against Excel Esports – a team they've already beaten once – and Fnatic – who up until this week were on a five-game losing streak. If G2 can find a team comp that they feel comfortable with, and perhaps bring back their split push tactics that proved so effective in Week 5, they should still be in with a chance at a Playoffs place among the top six.
And let's not forget that the LEC now has four spaces available at Worlds, so even if G2 don't get the result they want domestically, they still have a shot at proving themselves on the international stage. There are still plenty of opportunities for G2 – time will tell if they can make the most of them.