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Pick up these elite players on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team for under 500k each

Go big or go home! There are just four months left in the FUT season, so we’ve put together an XI of elite players under 500k to take your team to the next level.
Written by Phillip Ekuwem
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With less than five months left in the FUT cycle, the majority of the playerbase can now boast a substantial amount of coins in their respective clubs, after receiving coin and pack rewards from Division Rivals and the Weekend League over the course of the year.
On that note here’s a look at the very best players you can buy for under 500k coins in each position on FUT.
Note: The FUT market is constantly in flux so prices may differ in-game
Screenshot of Donnarumma taking a goalkick
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GK – Fourth IF Gianluigi Donnarumma

Price: 130k
There’s no real metric for determining how good a goalkeeper is on FUT. Sure, certain goalkeepers will always be better than others, but at the highest level what truly differentiates high-rated goalkeepers is preference, as seen in the professional FIFA scene. That said, our pick for the goalkeeper position is Gianluigi Donnarumma’s Fourth In-Form.
After multiple sensational performances in Serie A this season, Gianluigi Donnarumma has managed to earn himself four In-Form upgrades, thus becoming arguably one of the best goalkeepers under 500k.
The Italian goalkeeper is 6’5 [1.96m], which gives him a much better reach than most goalkeepers when diving – he also has the highly sought-after ‘saves with feet’ trait, which allows him to stop low driven shots effectively.
All his stats except kicking and speed are bumped up to 99 with a basic chemistry style – his kicking stat gets boosted to 90, whilst his speed doesn’t go up at all.

CB – Varane

Price: 38k
At this stage of the game, Varane’s regular gold card remains a must-have in your team if your budget for a centre-back is under 500k.
He costs significantly less than 500k coins (38k), but within the price range, Virgil Van Dijk is the only player better than him.
Don’t let his 86 rating fool you – with a shadow chemistry style, Varane plays like a prime icon.
His composure stat is rated 82, which prevents him from making costly mistakes on the ball, whilst his reactions stat is rated 83, thus allowing him to react to certain situations on the pitch quickly.
A Shadow chem style gives him 96 pace, 94 interceptions and also boosts his ability to mark players to 97, thus giving him icon-esque abilities.

CB – Third IF Virgil Van Dijk

Price: 420k
Virgil Van Dijk’s 91 rated In-form card is easily the best centre-back you can acquire for under 500k coins.
Standing at 6’4 [1.93m] and boasting 91 jumping, the Dutchman has Ronaldo-esque abilities in the air. With Van Dijk manning your defence, your chances of conceding El Tornado and flick-up crosses get reduced to the bare minimum, due to his aerial dominance.
Van Dijk is also a hard man to get past because of his huge frame, along with his impressive strength stat, which is nearly maxed out at 98, allowing him to dispossess most players with a simple nudge.
With a shadow chemistry style, Van Dijk’s pace goes up to 91, whilst his overall defending stat goes up to 98, making his card more overpowered than it already is.

RB – UCL Live Serge Aurier

Price: 209k
Serge Aurier was the recipient of some generous upgrades to his UCL Live card as a result of Tottenham’s exploits in the Champions League, which has made his UCL FUT item the best right-back in the game under 500k coins.
Whilst there are a few who come close, such as Future Stars Trent Alexander-Arnold and Carniball Hector Bellerin, they lack Aurier’s impressive physicality.
The Tottenham man boasts 99 jumping, which allows him to stop back post headers effectively. He also possesses 94 aggression, amplifying his ability to pressure players into making bad decisions on the ball.
He’s got 97 pace and 97 defending with a Shadow chemistry style and in addition to his defensive prowess he’s great going forward, as he’s able to whip in accurate crosses thanks to his 94 rated crossing stat.

LB – Headliners Alex Sandro

Price: 488k
Alex Sandro has been the go-to ‘META’ left-back since day one and nine months into the FUT season, his gold card is still quite relevant – he’s gotten quite a few upgrades over the course of the season, though, all of which are quite good, especially his headliners card which is a significant upgrade on all his previous versions.
Sandro has high/high work rates, which allows him to help out in attack, whilst also tracking back to perform his defensive duties.
He’s got 88 composure and 90 reactions, allowing him to be tidy with his touches on the ball, especially when under pressure from the opposition.
With a Shadow chemistry style his pace goes up to 99, whilst all his defensive stats nearly get maxed out, bar his heading accuracy stat, which only receives a +5 boost to 86.

CDM – IF N’Golo Kante

Price: 405k
The most ideal CDM double-act on FIFA 19 is Ruud Gullit and Patrick Vieira, but with a 500k budget, N’Golo Kante should be the man providing your team with some defensive cover in midfield.
Height is an important attribute on FIFA 19, especially for defensive minded players, but there’s a reason Kante remains one of the most sought-after CDMs on the game despite being only 5’6 [1.68m] tall.
Just like in real life, Kante never switches off on the game. He’s always actively looking to intercept passes and win the ball back.
Most players tend to lose their effectiveness towards the 90 minutes mark, but not Kante, as he’s able to stay active without his abilities waning mid-game.
With a Shadow chemistry style his pace goes up to 92 and his already impressive defending stats all move into the 90s, bar his heading accuracy stat, which only gets bumped up by 5 points to 59.

CDM – FUTbirthday Thomas Meunier

Price: 179k
Thomas Meunier’s FUTbirthday card is one of the best CDMs in the game, and probably the best CDM under 500k.
He’s 6’3 [1.9m] tall, possesses great attacking stats and boasts of even greater defensive stats and based on his face stats he’s a member of the ‘Gullit Gang’ – an exclusive club for players who have face stats that are rated 80 and above.
With a shadow chemistry style, he’ll get 95 pace, whilst his ability to intercept the ball will get bumped up to 92 – that coupled with his height and his nearly maxed out strength rating (97) makes him a real force to be reckoned with in midfield.

CAM – Future Stars Kai Havertz

Price: 369k
Kai Havertz’s Future Stars card is the most ‘META’ CAM under 500k on FIFA 19. He’s got the pace, the height, the strength and the skill rating to perform at the highest level – to top it all off, he’s also got a five star weak foot which allows him to shoot with both feet.
Standing at 6’2 [1.88m], Havertz is somewhat of a unique player in the 500k price range.
He’s tall, but he’s agile, as his agility stat is rated 89, whilst his balance is rated 81, thus allowing him to feel smooth on the ball despite his frame.
Havertz boasts of 75 strength, 85 jumping and 82 stamina, all of which allows him to perform in somewhat of a Ronaldo-esque manner on the pitch.
Havert’s FUT item is also able to flourish in a number 10 role because of his impressive 90 rated passing stat, as he’s able to pick out players from a distance and make quick short passes to players around him.
Screenshot of Neymar taking a shot
Find the back of the net on FIFA 19

LM – Neymar

Price: 258k
Neymar’s gold card is one of the few regular cards on FUT that will remain relevant up until the end of the game.
The 5 star skiller is far too overpowered to ever become obsolete on FUT, despite the addition of newer and seemingly better cards.
Neymar has his own custom animations on FIFA, which allows his in-game likeness to move the same way he does in real life and for some reason, his custom animation makes him very difficult to get the ball from.
In addition to his custom animation, he’s also got his own skill move – the Neymar rainbow flick, which is essentially his personal (and overpowered) variation of the well-known four-star skill move.
With a Hunter chem style, Neymar’s card gets 99 pace and 92 finishing. He’s one of the best players on the game, regardless of any budget limitation. To put it simply: Neymar is a must-have player – if you can’t afford his special cards then his regular gold card will do the trick for you.
Screenshot of Mbappe taking a shot
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RM – Winter refresh Kylian Mbappe

Price: 190k
Mbappe is like Neymar – he’ll remain relevant up until the end of the FUT 19 cycle.
The PSG man is without a doubt the best RM/RW under 500k – he’s got a base pace rating of 96, he boasts 89 dribbling and has a five star skill rating, which allows him to perform moves like the Elastico and the El Tornado – in addition to all of that, he’s also got a four-star weak foot.
With a Hawk chemistry style he gets 99 pace, 93 finishing and 86 jumping, which makes him more overpowered than he already is.

ST – Headliners Rashford

Price: 495k
Rashford’s headliners card is somewhat similar to Mbappe’s rating refresh card – they’ve both got pace, they’re both great dribblers, they’ve both got a five-star skill rating and they’re both ridiculously effective in attack, although, it’s worth noting that Rashford’s headliners card is slightly better than Mbappe’s 88 rated gold card.
The Manchester United man boasts 97 pace, 88 shooting and 87 passing. His impressive passing stat sets him apart from most strikers in his price range, as it allows you to bring other players into play without slowing the attack down.
Rashford’s headliners card has 95 agility and 81 balance, allowing him to get past multiple defenders with ease, he’s also got 82 strength which, when coupled with his height of 6’1 [1.85m] allows him to hold the ball up and make quick layoffs to his team-mates.