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5 pro tricks to dominate League of Legends 1v1: Red Bull Player One

If you want to be crowned Ireland's best LoL player then these 5 pro tricks are essential.
Written by James Busby
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Esports pros don’t become experts in their virtual arenas overnight, instead they constantly look for ways to improve their in-game mechanics. Like most competitive sports, League of Legends requires its digital athletes to have a high level of skill, communication and perseverance. However, there are a few pro tricks you can use to help increase your chances of netting yourself a win at Red Bull Player One, where you can battle it out against Ireland’s best League of Legends players in action-packed 1v1 rounds. So what five pro tricks should you use to give yourself an advantage in the tournament?

Warm up before every match

An image of a man playing League of Legends
Get the best gaming gear for League of Legends
Most pro players have a specific warm-up regime they like to follow before they head out into the fast-paced conditions of the Rift. Warming up your hands and reaction times will not only get you ready for the games that lay ahead, it will also help reduce any pre-game nerves. Playing rhythm games like Osu! provide great ways to warm up your fingers and help with the timing and accuracy of your clicks. Rhythm games aren’t for everyone, so pick a game that requires good precision and fast reaction times. The competitive FPS CSGO is a good example and playing a few rounds should fire up your reaction times and get them functioning to their optimal level. Of course, you could always use League of Legends’ own practice tool, or head into a bot game to help shake off any pre-game rust.

Have pocket picks you can rely on

League of Legends Champion
League of Legends Champion
It can be tempting to stick to the meta and utilise current OP champions, but a lot of pro players have pocket picks that they can consistently rely on when things get tough. Picking a champion purely based on their current strengths, stats and ranking means nothing when faced with a player who has taken the time to perfect their skills with a chosen champion. If you know a champion’s strengths, weaknesses and what they are capable at each stage of the game, you’ll have a huge advantage over your foe. Having a few champs you’re comfortable playing will also allow you to focus on other core elements of the game and increase your chances of snagging yourself a win. Red Bull Player One will be Ireland’s first live 1V1 tournament, so don’t be afraid to showcase your mechanics on whichever champion you’re best at.

Kiting and orb walking

Kiting is such a basic mechanic and it will help with your overall damage output and survivability, especially when you play squishy carries that can’t afford to take damage in 1v1 engages. The best League of Legends players use kiting as a means of creating distance between their opponents, while maintaining a constant barrage of damage. Pro players never stand still in League of Legends, instead they rapidly click back and forth to lay down poke and avoid incoming skill shots and unwanted damage. To kite like a pro, you need to cancel your auto attack animation by right clicking whenever your champion’s attack leaves the champion model. This technique is called orb walking. By cancelling the last part of your champion’s auto attack animation you greatly increase your DPS and mobility, while also deterring your pursuer from chasing you. Strong kiting skills can be the decider in an engage, so use this pro trick to get an edge at Red Bull Player One.


Being able to last-hit enemy minions is incredibly important when trying to secure an advantage over your lane opponent, especially when gaining 100 CS is one of the game-winning conditions at Red Bull Player One. Last-hitting will maximise the amount of gold you receive and will allow you to build the items your champion needs to begin snowballing. However, last hitting enemy creeps can be incredibly difficult and often frustrating, especially when you’re foe happens to be a lane bully or poke-heavy champion, but luckily improving your ability to last-hit is one of the easiest mechanics to master. Simply pick a champion that you wish to play and head into a custom game and begin testing out your last-hitting by killing waves of minions. Pro players aim for around 90 CS at 10 minutes, so make sure you practice this technique before heading into Red Bull Player One.

Be decisive in your actions

Trofeo Red Bull Player One
Trofeo Red Bull Player One
Don’t be afraid to go in for an attack if you see that your opponent has left themselves vulnerable or made a mistake. Pro players are constantly decisive when carrying out specific plays and in 1v1 scenarios you want to be constantly looking for ways to weaken your foe. If you see an opportunity to punish them for a particularly aggressive attack, then go for it. Playing passively can be a great way to analyse your opponent’s playstyle and motives, but don’t just sit idly by as they continue to farm away and chip away at your health. Being able to constantly adapt to various actions and scenarios is what separates good players from bad players, and you’ll find that having excellent decision-making skills will greatly improve your overall win rate. Make sure you’re always on the lookout for potential game-changing plays at Red Bull Player One.

Where to sign up?

You can sign up for Red Bull Player One by heading over to Raid where you can register for the qualifier. To join, you must be an Irish resident and be aged 18 years or over. However, only one player will have a chance to represent Ireland in the international final, so if you want to test your skills against Ireland’s finest make sure you use these five pro tricks to stay ahead of the competition.