Red Bull Strike Joe Canning

Joe Canning: Win a training session with the Hurler of the Year

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Prove your interactive hurling skills in the new RED BULL STRIKE mobile game to improve your chances of being the real deal with some lessons from Joe Canning

Be in with a chance of winning a training session with the Galway legend and Red Bull Athlete, Joe Canning, for you and three of your friends by playing a simple game on your phone.
RED BULL STRIKE is a mobile phone game, where the aim is to simulate the longest strike of a sliotar. Highest score will win the fantastic prize, which also includes the luxury of a two-night stay in a five-star hotel for the lucky quartet. (See full prize list at the end.)
Joe is acknowledged as one of the purest strikers in hurling, renowned for his long-distance accuracy and in particular, his remarkable ability to score points from sideline cuts.
Such is the Portumna clubman’s prowess in this area that he was invited to Croke Park to showcase the skill for newly-married Royal couple Prince Harry and Meighan Markle last month.
The 29-year-old four-time All-Star has been practising RED BULL STRIKE in recent weeks, and cannot get enough of the interactive game that simulates the striking of a sliotar with your phone.
“It’s a fun game” Joe says. “I’m getting really into it now, trying to better my score the whole time. It’s around 84 at the moment but I’ve been stuck on that now a little while. I don’t know if I have to change my technique to get a greater distance.
“It’s so easy to play which is the great thing. You have the phone in your hand and you’re just pretending to strike an imaginary sliotar using the phone as a hurley. It’s good old fun but you’d want to have your phone locked into your hand!”
With Galway preparing for the All-Ireland semi-final and subsequent replay with Clare,  Joe decided that it might be too distracting for his teammates, but now that they have qualified for the final, he will test their mettle this week.
Clare V Galway All-Ireland
Clare V Galway All-Ireland
“It’s a bit of craic so I’m looking forward to seeing how they will get on.
“The goalkeepers always like to think they have the longest puck. James Skehill, Colm Callanan or Fergal Flannery will think they can get the longest but maybe someone like Padraig Mannion or his brother Cathal could give them a run for their money. The boys have a fair puck on them.”
His teammates are sure to enjoy the image of Joe popping up after every attempt, to offer congratulations on a good attempt or advice on how they can do better.
“Yeah, I come up with a well done or give a few pointers. It’s a fun thing to be involved in.”
The face of hurling is now the face of the Red Bull can after Red Bull launched a Limited Edition of their energy drink featuring his image to mark his achievements in 2017.
Joe was a month away from being born when Galway had last won an All-Ireland in 1988 and he led them to the Holy Grail last September with a series of performances that ended with him being named Hurler of the Year.
“It’s obviously a bit weird,” he said on seeing the can for the first time. “It’s hard to get your head around your face being on a Red Bull can. But I’m very honoured and privileged. There aren’t many have been honoured in the same way. You’re talking global figures like Neymar who have had their achievements marked in that manner. “So it’s cool when you think of it like that and it really is an honour to be associated with that.
“It was really good of Red Bull and when you look at the calibre of sportspeople they have as Red Bull Athletes, for them to give something like this the green light just shows the impact the game of hurling has had.
“Not many have ever had something like this so when they said it to me, I was astonished. You don’t get these kinds of opportunities very often, or at all to be honest, so while it will take a bit of getting used to for me to see my face on a can of Red Bull, I really appreciate the gesture.”
Prize Details for the RED BULL STRIKE competition
1st Prize
  • Two nights B&B in a 5* Resort for four people
  • Dinner for 4 people
  • Meet and train with Joe Canning
  • Aerobatic flying experience for four people
  • 4 signed hurleys
  • A selection of Red Bull Apparel (for the winner)
  • A year supply of Red Bull (for the winner)
2nd Prize
  • A selection of Red Bull Apparel
  • Signed hurleys
  • Year supply of Red Bull
3rd Prize
  • Signed hurleys
  • Year supply of Red Bull