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5 gym classes guaranteed to get you fit

Want to get fitter, leaner and stronger? These gym classes will kick you into shape in no time.
Written by Heather Snelgar
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Most of us start a New Year with the best intentions in the world – we are determined to get fitter, faster, stronger and leaner – however keeping these resolutions never seems quite as easy as it sounds. It can often be hard to motivate ourselves to get out there and go for that run or head to the gym – especially during the cold, dark winter months.
Gym classes are a great way of keeping those motivation levels high and ensuring that you get the most out of every workout. Mixing up your gym routine is also a great way of keeping things interesting.
We have rounded up five gym classes that will guarantee visible results while ensuring that you become a better athlete.


What is it?
HIIT or high-intensity interval training is a really time efficient workout in which you give 100% effort for short periods of time, followed by short recovery periods. The training sessions usually follow a circuit taking in a range of bodyweight, light-weight and cardio exercises.
Benefits of HIIT workouts:
1. You burn more fat – you will not only burn calories during your workout, but the intensity of the workout will also kick-start your body’s repair cycle meaning that you continue to burn calories for up to 24-hours after your workout.
2. It’s good for the heart – pushing yourself into the anaerobic zone on a regular basis will make you fitter in other sports such as running and cycling.
3. You’ll become stronger – in addition to its cardiovascular benefits, HIIT workouts also help to increase strength in all of the main muscle groups which in turn has a positive impact on any other sports you might take part in.
4. It will improve your agility and speed – a lot of the Red Bull athletes talk about the importance of interval training sessions to improve speed and agility. HIIT will have a positive impact on both.
5. It is time efficient – HIIT workouts do not need to be long. Even regular 15-minute sessions will produce great results. It is the perfect class to squeeze in before work or during a lunch break.
Who is it best for?
Anybody looking to get fitter, faster, leaner and stronger in a short amount of time.

 2. Abs Class

Lindsey Vonn -  Lifestyle
Lindsey Vonn perfects her core
What is it?
A gym based abs class is a great way of building core strength and core stability. The classes will generally be short and painful, taking in a wide range of core exercises from sit-ups to plank and everything in between.
Benefits of ab workouts:
1. Injury prevention – a strong core is the foundation of an effective working body. Located right in the centre of the body, a lot of the movement for a range of sports starts in your core. If you can get that right, the rest of your body will work a lot more effectively, thus preventing injury.
2. Improve posture and eliminate back pain – a strong core offers essential support for your back which in turn helps to eliminate lower back pain in particular and improve posture.
Who is it best for?
Those looking for killer abs and athletes who are looking to get a stronger core.

3. Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling
Indoor cycling
What is it?
Indoor cycling or Spinning as it is commonly known as is a group cycling class to music. Every class tends to be different - some will focus on speed, others on endurance.
Benefits of indoor cycling:
1. It’s great for weight loss – one single spin class can burn up to 700 calories.
2. It increases cardiovascular fitness – a spinning class will bring your heart rate up and down throughout its duration which will in turn make you fitter.
3. It is great for cycling fitness – spinning will not only help your overall fitness but will make a noticeable difference to your cycling. It will improve the strength in your legs and also help to toughen up your backside making your time in the saddle a lot more comfortable.
Who is it best for?
Spinning is brilliant for those looking to work up a sweat at their own pace – you can literally make the class as easy or as difficult as you want. It is also great for those with joint problems as it is relatively low impact.

4. Boxing  

Gym-based boxing class
What is it?
A lot of gyms offers boxing or fight clubs. A gym-based boxing workout will include pad work, bag work and some boxing-specific strength and conditioning routines.
Benefits of boxing:
1. It burns fat fast – this high-intensity workout often involves periods of high exertion followed by active recovery – so in the same way that a HIIT session will burn fat, so will a tough boxing session.
2. It improves cardiovascular fitness – again in a similar way to a HIIT session, a good boxing session will push you into an anaerobic training zone, which in turn will improve your general fitness levels.
3. It improves core strength – a strong core is essential for athletes. In camogie and hurling for example, all of the strength in your strike comes from your core. Boxing is a great way of building core strength.
4. You’ll be as strong as an ox – boxing will help to build strength in your arms and legs.
5. It’s a great way to relieve stress – no better way to leave a bad day behind than punching the lights out of a boxing bag!!
Who is it best for?
Anybody looking to relieve their stress levels while getting fit and strong in a fun-filled, social environment.

5. Yoga

Ryan Sandes - Lifestyle
Ultra runner, Ryan Sandes in a yoga session
What is it?
There is good reason that yoga has become an integral part of top athlete’s training programmes. From rugby players to Ireland’s top hurlers, they are all at it. In essence, yoga involves a series of poses and stretches which help you to gain strength and improve flexibility.
Benefits of yoga:
1. Muscle strength – yoga builds all-over strength across the body.
2. Increased flexibility – the series of dynamic poses helps to loosen out tight muscles.
3. Injury prevention – thanks to better strength and improved flexibility you will be far less susceptible to injury.
4. It’s great for the mind – in a very busy world, regular yoga classes will give you the opportunity to switch off, reduce stress and build mental strength.
Who is it best for?
Yoga is perfect for everyone from top athletes to those who are looking to build strength, prevent injury and reduce stress levels.