Brawl Stars is one of the stars of Red Bull M.EO. by ESL
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Meet the Brawl Stars teams fighting for Red Bull M.E.O. by ESL glory

The Brawl Stars teams duking it out in Dortmund fill us in on their tournament hopes for this weekend’s competition.
Written by Jon Partridge
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Ready for the Red Bull M.E.O. by ESL Global Final? Alongside Clash Royale and Arena of Valor, Supercell’s latest mobile title Brawl Stars is one of the stars of the show, showcasing the competitive potential of the three-on-three battler in a live tournament environment brought to you by Vodafone Deutschland and Media Markt.
We’ve already had teams brawling all over the world in local qualifiers for the chance to be flown out to compete in Germany in front of a live audience, and we’ve got the top eight finalised, ready to compete for Brawl Stars glory – and the chance to be crowned at the world’s inaugural Brawl Stars tournament. We caught up with the top eight teams to find out their thoughts ahead of the competition – read on to meet the teams taking part.

1. Team Ash

Ash, one of the biggest Clash Royale and Brawl Stars video makers on YouTube, leads Team Ash, consisting of imAreSKaoss, iMuniizBS and leopard. The number one seeded team made waves during the qualifiers, leading to a close 3-2 final game against Team iTzu, and head into Dortmund as the top pick to take the trophy – but anything could happen during the finals.
Ash tells us, “It's been almost two years since the last time I had participated in an esports tournament. I was on the verge of making great strides for my Clash Royale career, amassing a large fanbase of around 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and competing in major tournaments such as The Crown Duel, CRNAO, and Kings Cup. However, in pursuit of my education, I had left a bright future in gaming behind,” he says. “Fast forward to today, I've re-kindled that drive with my newfound love, Brawl Stars. Look out world, Ash is back!“

2. Team iTzu

iTzu, one of Germany’s top Clash Royale and Brawl Stars YouTubers, leads his team, consisting of Dxb, ItstheUDAY and Riff, and heads into the tournament as the number two seeded team after a close defeat to Team Ash in the qualifiers.
He’s looking to put the German Brawl community on his shoulders, and is hoping for a top finish, as he tells us, “I feel very excited to be part of this tournament and to represent the German Brawl Community hopefully well. And I’m looking forward to meet my team in person after all the training hours!” Can his squad take down Team Ash?

3. Team Rey

Brawl Star Rey commands a nearly 70k strong subscriber base on YouTube, who all tune in to his extensive Brawl Stars video content, and the US-based YouTuber has high hopes as he heads to Germany with his squad.
He leads his third seeded team, consisting of CRESUS TECLASH, LOTI TECLASH, and NOPASARAN, telling us, “For as long as I've been playing and making videos for Brawl Stars, I've always had such high hopes in its relationship with esports! Having the opportunity to take part in the first big esports tournament and going to Germany is a dream come true!”. Rey may have plenty of Brawl Stars tips on his channel, but can he convert all that knowledge into solid play on-stage? We’ll find out this weekend.

4. Team Consty

Brazilian YouTuber Consty enters the fray in Dortmund this weekend with his squad, and he already has fighting words for the other seven squads in attendance, telling us, “ I’m very excited to finally meet players that I know in the community since the beta release in 2017, but at the same time my team is looking forward to also beating them.”
His team, consisting of DaTiger, xImSkYRiiKZz and Yde, roll up as the fourth seeded team, and with a fair few victories under their belts from the qualifiers, they’re aiming to go even further in the Global Finals this weekend.

5. Team DLG

Team DLG, or Doing Life Gaming, head into the Global Final as your fifth seed, with DoingLifeYT leading his squad into the tournament feeling blessed to make it out to Dortmund. With a close 3-2 victory over Team Coach Cory that saw them face Team Ash in the qualifiers, DoingLifeYT, Caramine, JoWy, and Osiris were then stomped 3-0, but you can bet they’re looking to make a comeback in the Global Finals. “I just wanted to make it to hangout with everyone again,” DoingLifeYT says. “It means the world to me be here. and I am super blessed!”

6. Team Ark

UK-based YouTuber Ark with his 7.6k subscribers enters the fray with his team as the sixth seed, aiming to make a splash. Ark, Nicolas7, SunBentley and Zynox61 look poised to take on the world’s top teams, and are looking forward to competing on the world stage.
“On behalf of my team I would like to so say how pleased we are to qualify,” Ark tells us. “I'm so proud of my team-mates and grateful for all the laughs we have shared during training. ‘Nous sommes un petit pois!’”

7. Team Chiken

Brawl Stars YouTuber Chiken and his team, consisting of Alcharyx, Batsme, and Thom02, are the seventh seeded squad, and while they made easy work of Team BrunoClash, beating them 3-1 in the qualifiers, they were stopped in their tracks by Team Consty in the quarter finals – landing them a seventh place seed in the Global Finals. Now they’re aiming for a top finish, billing themselves as underdogs – and they could pull it off.
“It's absolutely crazy to be going to the finals – practicing hard and coming up with strategies for every map beforehand definitely helped us out a lot,” Chiken explains. “We know the competition is fierce, and we're definitely underdogs in this Top 8, but we'll be trying our hardest to take home a podium finish.”

8. Team Alex

Lastly, and by no means least, Team Alex is your eighth seeded team, and from the standings alone, they appear to be your underdogs – but Alex himself feels lucky to be out here in Dortmund. “It feels cool to be a part of the first major esports event for Brawl Stars,” Alex tells us. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this game!”
His squad, featuring Portal, ShadowJutsu and SpenLC, stormed past Team Alvaro845 in the Dortmund qualifiers, giving them a 3-0 thrashing, but they lost out to eventual second seed, Team iTzu. You can bet Team Alex are looking for revenge, and want to go beyond their eight seed billing – look out for them this weekend.
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