10 Dragonball Z: Kakarot tips to become the strongest Saiyan around

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Rock the dragon with our tips for the new action RPG.
Written by Sayem AhmedPublished on
Dragonball Z: Kakarot is unlike most other Dragonball games before it. It’s not just a fighter like Dragonball FighterZ, but actually a semi-open-world action RPG. With huge maps, sidequests and complicated systems to get your head around, this game isn’t a straightforward walk in the park. You’ll need to grind just as hard as Goku to get the most out of the game, as well as figure out how to defeat those spongy bosses. But, if you’re a true Z Fighter, you’ll follow our handy guide to help you traverse the world of Dragonball, and become a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan!

1. Collect every orb in sight

One of the first things you’ll notice in the world of Dragonball Z: Kakarot is the sheer number of collectible orbs of different colours. Luckily, just hold the left stick down to boost through the world to collect them. Different orbs denote the different locales you can find them in. Blue is around any bodies of water, green around any vegetation and fields, and red around any barren earth. In addition to this, you can find a rainbow orb, which may kick off a timed event that spawns even more orbs. These orbs will allow you to attain new abilities for your character through the character menu.

2. Analyse boss patterns

This is what is known as "very anime"
This is what is known as "very anime"
Getting torn to bits by Raditz? Being left cold by Freiza? Locked in a cell by… Cell? Dragonball Z: Kakarot isn’t your usual anime button-basher. Instead, bosses use carefully timed attacks and patterns that you will need to observe in order to defeat them. If a boss hits you with a barrage of attacks, be sure to defend or dodge against them, waiting for their attack to wind down before getting in your own high-damage super move. Depending on the situation, you’ll just need to hold block and observe as much as you can before making your move, otherwise you won’t get too far, especially with bosses having a lot of health.

3. Time your Super Attacks and Transformations

Now that you’ve got the bosses pattern out of the way and have learned to counterattack, make sure you time your Super Attacks – otherwise, the time that you used to learn their patterns goes to waste. Bosses will often have openings when winding down an attack or if they have run out of Ki after a barrage. This is your time to use a super move. Other super moves are also able to interrupt bosses mid-combo and allow you to time a combo yourself. Pair this with a transformation if you have enough Ki and you'll do even more damage, just at the right time.

4. Scream as loud as you can at every single opportunity

The semi-RPG structure adds more to the fighting
The semi-RPG structure adds more to the fighting
No attacks will ever go as far as a trusty Super Move – that’s why you need to make sure that you’re fully charged up before making your assault. Charging up your Ki is time-consuming in a fast-paced combat scenario, but it’s also probably one of the best things to do when there’s a bit of distance between you and an enemy. With some attacks doing truly spectacular damage, you need to make sure that you’ve got as much Ki as possible, just to make sure that you’re ready for any scenario.

5. Get your pals to tag in

At certain points in the game, you will be able to party up with other characters and even take them into battle with you. Certain types of partner will offer ranged support, while others will go toe-to-toe against other enemies. You’re also able to get them to use Super Moves in tandem with you, or a Super Move while you’re doing a combo for optimal damage. The opportunities to get extra damage are endless, so be sure that you’re setting yourself up with the right partner and the right Super Moves when you’re able to.

6. Don’t forget about items

"These tips... they're over 9000!"
"These tips... they're over 9000!"
Sometimes you’re just not able to take on an enemy and punch the life out of them without them punching the life out of you – literally. Bosses especially have long health bars, and these drawn-out battles will often leave you with very little health, even if you’ve been blocking attacks when you can. Before you enter into a battle or approach what you think might be a story-significant battle, we recommend delving into the menus and equipping health restoratives to your bar so you can use them in battle. This is very easily overlooked and hardly explained within the game, so be sure to use these restoratives when you need them.

7. Don’t fight on an empty stomach

Despite teaching you how to cook a meal at the start of the game, it neglects to tell you that you are also able to eat at campfires. If you have the correct combo of items from the overworld, you’re able to create a stackable buff in the form of meals. While a single 3% buff might not seem like a lot, stacking them on top of each other can lead to you fighting at peak performance if you play your cards right. Just don’t get punched in the stomach afterwards.

8. Support the local economy

Paying attention during the candy-coloured lightshow is your real challenge
Paying attention during the candy-coloured lightshow is your real challenge
If you’re struggling for restorative items or otherwise, make sure that you explore the local settlements for an item vendor. There, you will be able to pick up a whole range of items that will help you out in your journey. From useful ingredients to simple items, don’t ignore these, especially if you’re in a pinch and unable to take on a boss.

9. Don’t neglect the community

The community system is relatively poorly explained in the game. The more you level up your communities, unlocked by doing a side quest or encountering a character in the game, you’ll acquire a passive bonus that can range, from anything between getting better cooking buffs to encountering rarer monsters in the overworld. You’re also able to give the characters in these communities gifts, which is attainable from side quests in order to help level them up. Don’t sleep on these, as there is a real tangible benefit from maintaining them.

10. Complete side quests for helpful loot

Dragonball Z: Kakarot’s sidequests are nothing too special, but they are able to net you useful items in the form of ingredients, consumables and giftable items that help you level up your communities. You’re able to easily find them on the map just by looking for a blue exclamation mark, and you’ll often find that they’re from some familiar Dragonball faces, so be sure to go digging a little bit deeper if you really want to unearth some little cameos that will bring a smile to your face.