Street artists create day in the life of Barcelona

© Nathan Zentveld
Written by Glen Ferris and Daniel Vieco Landucci
A 55m wall at Primavera Sound is the canvas for an art project from SEAT and TheCreativeNet.
It’s not just music and sunshine at Primavera Sound you know. While the good times roll, some of the most creative folks on the planet are quietly creating a visual masterpiece telling the story of Barcelona over the course of a single day.
A collaborative project between SEAT and TheCreativeNet (both of whom started out in the Catalonian capital), TheCreativeWall is, says, journalist/TV host/culture vulture Bibiana Ballbe “A 24-hour theatre of the city.”
“Each artist has one piece of the day,” she says. “We start very, very early in the morning, then we go onto the mid-day, afternoon and finally at night – which is bombastic and more like a party kind of thing.
“We wanted to represent the values of Barcelona. Values like creativity, collaboration, co-creation, the light, the people, the fun, the music.”
Across the three days of the Primavera Sound music festival, a host of local artists (Marina Capdevila, Zosen Bandido, Mina Hamada, Txemy, Amaia Arrazola, Rubén Sánchez and Cristian Blanxer) have been tagging each other in and out as the collaborative project takes shape.
It’s a festival of street art fully representative of SEAT’s forward-thinking approach to design and TheCreativeNet’s nurturing of creativity, based as it is on the themes of Barcelona, mobility, accessibility and human touch.
“I think the landscape inspires us, the way of living inspires us,” says Ballbe of the city on which the project is based. “The creative scene in Barcelona is becoming stronger and stronger, people come here from all over the world and they stay here when they realise they can connect to a very strong creative artistic network.
“TheCreativeNet is a digital platform that structures a creative community,” says Bibiana. “We are an online community of more than 7.5 million people, we started in Barcelona but we’re spreading all over the world. It works by recommendation so we ensure that only the best artists get inside.”
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