FIFA Volta takes you to the streets of Paris and beyond
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FIFA 21 Volta: Tips and tricks to excel at the latest take on FIFA Street
If you prefer street football over the glitz and glamor of league play, Volta is for you. It's different to the main game, for sure, but there's still a lot of fun to be had in this part of the title
Written by Stacey Henley
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Volta made its first appearance in FIFA 20, and while it has had a few tweaks here and there, this fledgling game mode remains pretty much the same as it did in last year's game.
A spiritual successor to FIFA Street, Volta takes away the big stadiums, realistic football, and recognisable superstars of FIFA 21, and offers tight, intricate, skillful football on the streets. Whilst a few famous names are included in the mode, it is mainly random NPCs in colourful clothes with bags of stylish skill that makes the mode unique.
While the buttons remain the same, the approach to Volta is very different this time around, and if you want to get ahead, you’ll need to understand how. Luckily, these tips are here to help.

1. Cut off passes

Intercepting passes can create a lot of opportunities for you
Volta revolves around a much, much quicker version of FIFA’s regular gameplay, with the ball getting pinged all over the park at rapid speed. Often, when you rush to close down your opponent, they’ll just play it past you, over you, or under you. It’s better to play the space than the ball, and instead of rushing your opponent, look to close off their pass. Drop slightly deeper, go for interceptions, force them to run at you and close the angle or hit a hopeful ball. This tip is especially useful in the game modes without goalkeepers, as rushing out only to have the ball hit beyond you will often give the opposition a chance to score an easy tap in.

2. Play the numbers game

Coaxing opponents into mismatched confrontations is going to benefit you
FIFA 21 puts a massive focus on counter-attacking football anyway, but in Volta, that’s ramped up even further. Volta is constantly an end-to-end, high scoring affair – and a great way to make momentum count for you is to try and force 2v1s and 3v2s, leaving your opponent powerless to cover your options. A great way to kickstart these moves, by the way, is to cut off passes and catch the opposition on the break. Even without that though, by passing across the middle and earning an opening, you can outnumber defenders to bypass them with ease.

3. Go for lofted passes

Getting the ball high works really well in FIFA Volta
Lofted passes need particular skill and aim to be effective in regular FIFA 21 play. Long balls over the top? Sure. But tight lofted chips? Most of the time, they don’t really come off. In Volta, it’s a whole new ball game (pun intended). Lofted passes are much more effective and accurate, and while corners are better off as passes, in open play, a cute lofted pass can slice teams open. On smaller pitches with smaller, open goals, you’ll need to touch and control the ball to feet, but in bigger games, headers can be another useful goal-scoring tool in FIFA Volta. This is especially useful once you’ve drawn an opponent near you, as lofted passes are much harder to cut out.

4. Learn a few skills

Flair works well – if used sparingly
Volta is based around skills, but you still only win matches by scoring goals. To that end, while it's fun to mess around doing every skill under the sun, the best strategy is to have a play around, find a couple that work for you (meaning you can pull them off easily and they’re effective) and stick with them. Running, passing, and making use of the space is actually much more effective than fancy tricks and flicks here, but having a couple to make space or get you out of a jam is definitely something you need in your arsenal.

5. Play against the pace

Learn when to strike for the best impact in the game
Volta is an even faster game than FIFA 21’s standard play, but one way to get ahead is to actually play against it. It’s just like how Ferguson’s last great Man Utd team was full of pace and energy, but every time Berbatov got the ball, he seemed to have all the time in the world. In Volta, you’re expected to run everywhere, which means that’s exactly what defenders are ready to react to. Making little dashes then stopping – cutting back or cutting inside – are much harder to anticipate, and can help free up space, even if it means you’re not always moving at absolute top speed. Making defenders stop to track you means you can leave them in the dust with explosive acceleration.

6. Keep your keeper on the line

Volta often operates without goalies
In regular FIFA 21 play, knowing when to bring your keeper out is a key skill. Too early and you’ll be chipped, too late and the goal is already too big. Get it right, though, and you’ll narrow the angle, goad your opponent into a chip that’s never going to work, or pressure them into skying it. In Volta, getting the timing right is easy: never. There are some modes with no keepers, in which case dropping deep and cutting passes in key, but when you’ve got a shot-stopper, leave them where they are. The boxes are so small in Volta that after a step or two, the keeper is just another outfield player, diving into tackles and leaving the goal wide open. Let the defenders put the pressure on and leave the keeper to be a shot-stopper.

7. Have good chemistry

More than ever in Volta, good chemistry is essential
In Volta, you’ll end up changing your squad quite a bit, especially at the start. Each game you win, you get to steal a member of the other team, making little upgrades as you go. It’s tempting then to constantly chop and change for every game, and it’s true that there’s no point being loyal to your starting squad of rated 70 duffers. However, it’s not just about their skill rating. You’ll want to have the right players in the right position, obviously, but you will also want to check their stats to make sure they suit your playstyle, check what skill moves they can do, and check what formation they prefer. You’ll have better results with three 83 rated players in the right formation than with a couple of 84s and an 85 with three-star skills moves playing in the wrong position in a formation they’re not fond of. Play smart and know what your players want.